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What are the Top 5 benefits of using DaaS (Device as a Service)?

Device as a Service is a subscription-based IT equipment model that has been designed to offer businesses a scalable and easy way to procure the devices they need, along with expert support on an easy, monthly payment plan. Devices for Teams is a DaaS solution that provides top-of-the-line Apple and PC tech without the hefty ownership costs. Here are the top five benefits of using DaaS like Devices for Teams for your business.

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No More Old Hardware

DaaS eliminates the need for storing old, unused tech, which can be a waste of space and depreciates in value with time. Devices for Teams enables you to return any device you no longer need after 12 months without penalty, and we’ll update your payment plan accordingly. You can even swap old devices for newer models if you need an upgrade.

Great Value Tech

DaaS eliminates large upfront costs, and you can benefit from top-quality, up-to-date tech without hefty ownership costs. So, you can get the latest MacBook Pro or even a Surface Hub S2 without the pinch. Devices for Teams offers an affordable payment plan with regular monthly payments based only on the devices you lease. This frees up your cash flow to dedicate to your business and allows you to swap devices for newer models at any point after having the subscription for 12 months.

Configuration Done and Dusted

Devices for Teams offers pre-configuration and device configuration for your business as part of your subscription. Our expert engineers, who are Apple-certified, can carry out pre-configuration to best meet your business’s individual needs. We can even set up your devices on-site, so you’re ready to hit the ground running.

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An Energised and Motivated Team

Keeping your team equipped with up-to-date tech will boost their morale, encourage employee retention, and enhance productivity. Devices for Teams enables you to upgrade your devices easily and without a large outlay after the 12-month subscription mark. This ensures your team is always equipped with the latest devices to perform their best.

Better Than Purchasing IT Equipment

Buying IT equipment outright can be incredibly expensive, especially for small businesses. This takes a big initial outlay that can strangle cash flow for months afterward, and even getting a loan for such a purpose can be tricky. DaaS like Devices for Teams eliminates the financial burden of buying devices outright and provides a full 360° support wrapper for every device, including warranties, support, installations, configurations, and loan devices if there’s a problem.

In conclusion, DaaS like Devices for Teams provides businesses with a flexible and easy way to procure the devices they need without the hefty ownership costs. With benefits like always having the latest tech, configuration services, an energised and motivated team, and better than purchasing IT equipment, it’s clear that DaaS is the way to go.

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