‘Harrisons remains key to our success so far. I’m sure that will remain true for years to come’

With interest rates rising, costs increasing and money uncertainty becoming the norm, many companies and individuals are keen to make sure every penny goes as far as possible – and those in the TV industry are no exception.

The Finish Line

Zeb Chadfield celebrates winning Broadcast Best Places to Work In TV awards with The Finish Line team

The award-winning accountancy and business advisers at Harrisons know how challenging this can be and we are working hard to support our clients to achieve their visions for their businesses.

Our small, friendly team offer a wide range of services, which includes television and media advice. To find out more about how we support our clients, our media specialist Kenny Harrison sat down with Zeb Chadfield from post-production firm The Finish Line, who has worked with Harrisons for more than 10 years.

You have come a long way since we met in 2011, going from you working on your own to the bigger company you now have – how has your journey been?

It has certainly been unexpected. I started the company as a sole trader, and while I knew I wanted to build it into something more, I had no idea how to do so. Thanks to some hand-holding by you and your team, we have been able to scale up to a team of more than 20 people without losing touch with our ethos of trying to operate a healthy post-production facility.

What challenges have you faced along the way?

My challenges are usually related to the areas in which I don’t have any education. I’m a colourist by trade, but dyslexic as well, so I’m aware of my limitations in other areas. I am reliant on Harrisons for anything related to the administrative side of running a business, and I’m really happy with that. We can focus on doing the things we specialise in while relying on your expertise for everything else.

What support did Harrisons offer you?

The honest answer that I tell everyone is that The Finish Line wouldn’t exist without you. Harrisons takes all the stress out of the financial side of the business and is always on hand to answer any questions and offer guidance. Harrisons provides us with ways to manage our cash to make sure we know what tax/VAT bills are coming up. It also provides us with management reports to show how the business is doing, right down to the smallest detail.

It’s been a difficult few years – the pandemic, economic uncertainty and now the cost-of-living crisis is putting financial pressure on us all. How has working with Harrisons allowed you to continue growing?

The key is to be positive and make sure we still offer a great service to our clients. Our industry has taken a big hit, but we are trying to get through any rough times with advice from Harrisons. This way, not only do we survive, but we can also grow the business in the process.

Where do you want to get to in the future?

This was one of the first things you asked me, and it made me feel very supported and that you cared about our future. Our fundamental reason for existing is delivering incredible-looking pictures, but we want to do that while looking after our staff. You can’t look after staff without a positive cash flow and profitable business, so Harrisons remains key to our success up until this point, and I’m sure that will remain true for many years to come.

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