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Date: Fri, 30 Jan 2015 12:11:49 -0500

Subject: Housing for Urban Development (HUD) re-appointment

     I received a notice of my reappointment to the Consensus Committee.

     Earlier in January, the Manufactured Housing Consensus Committee (MHCC) had to document the votes we took in Washington, with an option to add a post script to any one of the twenty articles debated.

     I tried to politely take exception to three items, thinking it was my last chance to have an input.

    Two items were electrical; I make a technical case for each, rather than accepting them as OK because it is approved elsewhere.  I thought that each item used in housing should be debated as to its merit and appropriateness for our housing.  Some of the short comings of our homes may be traced back to not enough discussion on merits.

    The third item was the definition of a manufactured home verses a RV or not a MH.  HUD uses the 400 square foot rule, everything over 400 sq. ft. is a manufactured home.  I believe this is too simplistic, because the home builders are manufacturing RV's and other buildings that are blurring the line.

    In February, there is a MHCC conference call to discuss "multi-family" housing.  HUD describes manufactured housing as a single family dwelling.  We may have to drop the family definition, government can't control who lives together or why!  HUD states it wants to provide safe housing.  To complicate things, home builders are meeting market demands for many types of homes, even designing dormitories with multiple bedrooms, baths, laundries and kitchens, than asking for approval as a multifamily home.  Should the MHCC oversee all types of factory built housing?

    Jim Demitris

(Jim is very well qualified to serve on this committee).

has seen and heard the plight of many seniors who reside in manufactured homes in   communities.

    We have diligently worked with legislators. Many hours have been spent, phone calls 
  answered and made, many miles traveled, and wear and tear on vehicles have led to AMHRO’s
  name being a well-known name by many across Ohio and the nation.

  For those who may need a further resource for help or advice, you might consider contacting
  Pro Seniors.

 Pro Seniors -  This is an organization that helps older adults in many ways: Independence
  issues, helping adults access resources, etc.  This includes legal help. Should you have a need,
  or better yet, call them for information as to how they can help before you have a need.
Phone 800/488-6070 Monday – Friday 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., go to their website
  at  or drop them a line at Pro Seniors, Inc., 7162 Reading Rd.,
  Suite 1150, Cincinnati, Ohio 45237.
They are also looking for volunteers who are interested in helping other senior adults.


                             OCTOBER 18, 2014

Board Members Present:

Frank Pojman                                             Russ and Lois McPherson                                   Jim and Kathie Demitrus                   Brenda Makovicka   

This meeting was held at the North Olmsted Library at 1:00 p.m.   Frank welcomed those present.  He mentioned the passing of our past president, Bill Geniella which occurred January 14, 2014. 

Secretary, Lois McPherson gave a report of the highlights and activities of AMHRO for the year, rather than reading the minutes from last years’ meeting.

Treasurer, Brenda Makovicka gave the treasurer’s report. A motion was made to accept the report and a second as well.  Everyone agreed to this report.

Jim Demitrus reported on several items that are being handled by the Commission recently, the first one being the issue of frost depth.  This, of course, involves the moisture content around a home.  Our homes are on piers and tie-downs that have to be on solid ground.  Skirting around your home is necessary to keep the moisture out and also making sure any openings are plugged up to keep the cold air out. 

 The second issue is a new invention called an ABS Pad which is a plastic pad approximately 24 inches in diameter.   This pad is considered suitable support which can be used in place of concrete.  If an older home needs re-leveled, this is an economical substitute rather than having to pour concrete. 

The Commission, by law, two years ago was given the licensing of our communities but previously there were 123 health departments that controlled our communities.  The health department in Columbus gave their permission to park owners to park 4 RV’s in their communities in amongst the houses, in order to accommodate the oil fracking in Southeastern Ohio.   This matter has met with opposition.     RV utility connections are not the same and RV’s are not tied down.  This continues to be a problem.  Jim added that the best way to protect your house is to make sure it’s tied down.

The Commission discovered that rather than there being 1,760 parks in Ohio, there are actually 1,610.  In attempting to license the parks, they discovered there was a problem with actually identifying the parks.  It has taken time to work through this matter. 

In the year 2013, the Commission received 1,128 complaints.  In 2014, 767 complaints; therefore, Jim feels that the Commission has made an impact on the industry and on the communities in making things better.   He fielded questions from the audience.  Many questions were concerning the water lines and preparing them for winter.   He noted that heat tape lasts 5-10 years. 

Frank reported on communities that AMHRO has been working with.  Residents from Apple Creek Homeowner’s Association were unable to attend today but Frank has a future meeting with the owner.   Cigornai Sapp from Euclid Beach Mobile Home Community shared that she was able to attend AMHRO’s Strategic Planning Meeting in April and was inspired by what she heard.   She also shared that she has gained helpful information from our website in order to organize.   Rustic Pines in Thompson, Ohio is another community that has contacted AMHRO for help.    They have a serious problem with their water and are in foreclosure.   Jim, Kathie and Frank have met with them several times and OEOC is also involved.

Russ McPherson made a laptop presentation of the following websites informing residents how to obtain information on the internet:

·         AMHRO                                                              

·         Ohio Manufactured Home Commission            

·         National Manufactured Home Owners Association

·         Ohio Revised Code                                          

Ohio Manufactured Homes Association     www.OMHA

Frank announced that he has agreed to accept another year as President of AMHRO.   No one disapproved.  He announced that Brenda is resigning after many years of faithful service and he has appointed Sue McKenzie from Lakeside Terrace in Streetsboro to serve as treasurer.   Frank presented Brenda with a card, a Certificate of Appreciation and a gift card to Sterle’s Restaurant from AMHRO.  

In addition, rather than having a Council as previously stated in the Strategic Planning Committee, the  following AMHRO members have been asked to serve on the board:

·      Cigornai Sapp  -       Euclid Beach  

·         Bob Kmiecik  -          Golfway Pines

·         Kathy Mominey  -     Golfway Pines  

·         John Krohn  -            Bennington Springs

·         Maryann Rimes  -     Sands Community

·         Martha Geniella   -    The Ravines

(Martha has agreed to be the liaison between AMHRO, the Commission and OMHA).

These members have agreed to serve and everyone present voted unanimously for them.  

In closing, Frank read greetings from members who could not attend this meeting.  He reminded all those in attendance that we need some younger people to become involved in AMHRO.

Adjournment was at 2:35 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Lois McPherson, Secretary


 Ohio Governor signed HB 487

AMHRO has always shared that some laws needed changed for manufactured home owner residents in Ohio. This bill became effective 12/1/2012. It reads as follows:


• Transfers regulatory authority related to manufactured home parks from the Department of Health and the Public Health Council to the Manufactured Homes Commission.

• Replaces the member of the Commission who represents the Department of Health with a member who is a registered sanitarian.

• Requires the board of health to issue a report of the inspection of a flood event at a manufactured home park to the Commission.

Creates the Manufactured Homes Commission Regulatory Fund and requires certain fees to be deposited into that fund.

• Diverts certain fees from the General Operations Fund to the Occupational Licensing and Regulatory Fund for the administration and enforcement of the Manufactured Home Park Law.

• Requires the Commission to develop a policy regarding the maintenance of records for any inspections and specifies that those records are public records.

• Removes the requirement that a manufactured home owner and park operator jointly obtain the permit required for alterations, repairs, or changes to a damaged manufactured home in a flood plain.

• Establishes adjudication procedures for violations of the Manufactured Home Park Law.

• Allows licensed real estate brokers and salespersons to broker manufactured homes without a manufactured housing broker license.

• Prohibits a person who is not licensed as a manufactured housing dealer from purchasing a manufactured home directly from the manufacturer.

Licensing and inspection of manufactured home parks and the Transfer of regulatory authority over manufactured home parks

• The bill transfers the authority to do all of the following from the Department of Health and the Public Health Council to the Manufactured Homes Commission:

• Adopt rules governing the review of plans, issuance of flood plain management permits, and issuance of licenses for manufactured home parks, as well as the location, layout, density, construction, drainage, sanitation, safety, and operation of those parks, and notices of flood events concerning, and flood protection at, those parks;

• nspect the installation, blocking, tie-down, foundation, and base support systems of manufactured housing in a park;

• License persons who operate a park; Inspect each park for compliance with the Manufactured Home Park Law;

• Approve any development in a park;

• Approve any park development in a 100-year flood plain;

• Receive notification of a flood event and notify the Director of Health (under the bill, the board of health will be responsible for causing a post-flood inspection to occur);

• Provide permits for the repair/alteration of homes damaged in a flood event;

• Compel a county prosecuting attorney, city director of law, or the Attorney General to prosecute to termination, or bring an action for injunction against a person, that has violated Manufactured Home Park Law.

• The bill requires the Commission to adopt rules regulating manufactured home parks not later than December 1, 2012. After adopting the rules, the Commission immediately must notify the Director of Health. The rules governing manufactured home parks adopted by the Public Health Council under current law will remain in effect in a health district until the Commission adopts the required rules.

• The bill prohibits a board of health of a city or general health district from invoicing or collecting manufactured home park licensing fees for calendar year 2013.

• The bill also revises who may inspect the installation, blocking, tie-down, foundation, and base support systems of manufactured housing in a manufactured home park. Under the bill, the person must be certified by the Commission pursuant to rules the Commission adopts. Under current law, the person must have completed an installation training course approved by the Commission.

The complete bill can be viewed at under Legislation.


If you are looking for state laws regarding manufactured housing, where do you go? Answer: The Ohio Revised Code for manufactured home parks can be found by going to the Ohio Revised Code page on this web site or to


Nothing in the information on this website should be understood as legal advice. You are encouraged to seek legal advice from an attorney on any matter relating to legal issues. It may be very costly to ignore doing this

Notice of Affiliation
AMHRO is proud to state that they have been a member of the National Manufactured Home Owners Association (NMHOA) since 2007.  NMHOA represents the 17 million manufactured home owners across America. They now have 4 of their board members serving on the Manufactured Home Consensus Committee (MHCC). The MHCC is a statutory Federal Advisory Committee body charged with providing recommendations to the Secretary on the revision and interpretation of HUD's manufactured home construction and safety standards and related procedural and enforcement regulations. The MHCC was also charged with developing proposed model installation standards for the manufactured housing industry. By regulation, HUD has included the MHCC in the process of revising the Manufactured Home Model Installation Standards, Installation Program Regulations, and Dispute Resolution Program regulations.   

AMHRO Vision


We need all residents to become members. Through numbers we become stronger and our voice now becomes a shout, not a whisper.


We need laws to protect all, not just a few. We were able to have 3 pieces of legislation introduced (HB 290, HB 309 and HB 186) but no new laws outlined in these bills have been passed as of this date. We are still working very hard and one item that has been established is the transfer of all authority from the Department of Health to the Ohio Manufactured Homes Commission.

AMHRO Mission

To educate and advise residents of their rights, privileges and responsibilities associated with residing in a manufactured home community and how to inform residents how to protect the value and security of their home.  
      1.  To assist residents in developing an organization within their own community.

2.  To promote health, safety and general welfare of each resident.

3.  To be an organization that is willing to use all available resources to bring about
      change that will improve the lives of residents.
4.  To serve as an avenue to channel information and to serve as a source to educate
      every resident about their rights as residents of manufactured home communities.


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