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Assess Your Problems
Get Involved
Get organized

Assess Your Problems!

Are problems building in your community?
Do you fear your community may be sold out from under you?
Are you aware of your rights as a tenant in a manufactured home community? 
Do you have Owner (landlord) problems?
Do you have Manager problems?
AMHRO is only a phone call away


Get Involved!

Talk to your friends and neighbors in your community. Ask if they've ever heard of AMHRO before. Inquire about any problems they may have and may be afraid to ask the landlord or manager about. We've been your champion for over 6 years now.

By discussing any issues at your community among yourselves, you may learn there are even more serious problems that possibly require intervention. The phone call costs you nothing and you may have a fortune in help available to you.

Read all you can. Learn what may be facing you and what you can do to prevent it. Chances are we've already done it before and can help you. You may be unaware that even without being a member, you may have benefited from AMHRO’s help.

Learn how to start your own association in your community without fear of reprisal from the landlord or manager.

Get Organized!

It’s a new year – are you organized? I’m talking about your manufactured home community. Is your neighborhood ready to take on issues as a group, or are the residents isolated from each other or divided into factions?

Now is the time to come together, to let go of old disagreements, and forge a functional, communicative resident group. ..a group that can work together to identify concerns and issues in the community and work with management to correct or improve them.

A group that is organized with elected leadership that follows a code of expectations set by the membership, and will be ready to address whatever issues arise, including the sale of the community.

We are seeing residents scramble to organize themselves once a notice is served that a manufactured home park is for sale or may be sold. It is, for all practical purposes, too late at that point to prevent the sale and have any hope of purchasing the park as a co-op or exploring the possibility of a non-profit organization purchasing and managing the park.

To be prepared for the bigger issues, residents must organize themselves into a resident association now. It is now that residents need to start talking with each other and distributing informative flyers about forming a resident association. At the park-wide meeting, talk about what is going on in manufactured home communities, not only around the nation, but also in Ohio and in your own community. Stress the need to organize a resident association.

Assign several volunteers to research issues residents are concerned with. Look at what is going on with other parks and report those findings back to the group. Only through a resident association can the homeowners address the issues facing the park, whether they be big or small, and affect positive change in your community.

If you have never organized a group before, the task can seem daunting, but there is help! The Association of Manufactured Home Residents in Ohio (AMHRO) can work with you to help navigate the process of forming a resident association. We can provide you with materials, guidance, and even meet with your group. AMHRO wants to see your resident association thrive, and will support you with that goal in mind! There is no time to waste!

AMHRO will be glad to meet with you to help or just listen. We are interested in you!

AMHRO can help you with sample by-laws you can use as a guide if needed. If so, contact Frank. 

Please inform AMHRO when you have a change in snail or e-mail address so we can keep you up-to-date with AMHRO information. You are important to AMHRO.

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