What to Look for When Purchasing a Manufactured Home

The guidelines below have been submitted to AMHRO by home owners before they purchased their home. They are sharing from their experience what they considered, or wished they had considered, before purchasing their home.

Please print a copy of this to take with you when you are considering buying a manufactured home, or any home for that matter. Using these guidelines should help you make a wise investment.

First of all, read the Ohio Revised Code and Administrative Code found on the AMHRO Website (www.amhro.org) in order to familiarize yourself with the laws.


  • Does it have curb appeal?
  • Is it located in a “flood plain?”  Why?  This means higher insurance cost.
  • Are there weeds around the home?  Is the grass mowed?
  • Is the yard clean of debris, garbage and dog droppings?
  • Are the roof shingles intact? How old are they? Does it have a tarp on it? Why?
  • Are there any holes in the siding?  Are there any patches?  Why?
  • Is it sited where a heavy rainstorm could cause a problem in or under the home or street?
  • Are there holes in the skirting?   Is the skirting uniform and attached? 
  • Look behind the skirting. Are all electric or TV wires secured or on the ground?
  • What is the condition of the garage or carport and any awnings?
  • Any broken door or window panes anywhere? Why?
  • Is the driveway really acceptable?
  • Does the neighborhood look safe for you and children?
  • Will the gutters accumulate tree leaves?


  • Is it easy to enter the home?
  • Is the home clean of debris? Dirt?
  • Do the doors and windows close tightly?
  • Do any of the walls and carpets have holes?  Why?
  • Are there any stains on any ceilings?  Why?
  • What is the age of the furnace and AC? Is the furnace in a closet? (Bad news! It is too hard to service or replace).
  • What is the age of the water heater? (Electric is best with a timer).
  • Are all faucets easy to work? Is the water pressure good?
  • Taste the water. Is it potable water?
  • Does the sink show water stains?
  • Where is the breaker panel?
Dining Room/Den:
  • Will all your furniture fit in it?
  • Does it have proper lighting from the windows?
  • Could you put a ceiling fan in?
  • Are there sufficient electrical outlets?

  • Do all the appliances stay?  Are they included in the asking price or do they cost extra?
  • Do all the appliances work?
  • Do you like them? Are they clean?
  • Do the doors and drawers open easily?
  • Is there sufficient cabinet and drawer space?
  • Do you need a small or large kitchen?  Why?
  • Is the countertop clean?  Are there signs of any ants?
  • Are there sufficient electrical outlets?


  • Will all your furniture fit in it?
  • Does it have proper lighting from the windows?
  • Are there sufficient electrical outlets?

Others Matters to Consider:

  • What would it cost to bring it up to what you really want?
  • Are there any changes needed? Can you make the changes yourself or do you need help professionally?  What would it cost?
  • Is there room for growth?
  • Could you put ceiling fans in?
  • Can you see yourself living here for 10 more years?
  • Is a lease offered to you if you rent? (That is a must!)
  • Are all utilities and taxes paid in full?
  • Is the title to the home clean?
  • Can you see yourself living here for 10 more years?
  • Can you really afford it? Be really honest!

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