Fred and Pete’s Treasure Tales, CBeebies

Executive producer Jasper James on the joys of unearthing local talent in Cornwall for a fast paced kids factual show

Dr Enrico Gennari tagging a white shark in Mossel Bay (1)

Shark Eat Shark, National Geographic

Big Wave Productions’ director of natural history Emma Ross on proving that sharks off the coast of South Africa are eating each other

Evacuation C4

Evacuation, Channel 4

How Wonderhood gained access to the human story of the soldiers who helped evacuate Kabul


Jon Snow: A Witness to History, Channel 4

Director Johnny Burke on the thrill of filming your hero - and the challenge of covering a 50-year career in 60 minutes

Puzzling Series 1 Generics 03

Puzzling, Channel 5

12 Yard Productions’ head of entertainment Paul McGettigan on the speedy turnaround of a new quiz format


Katie Piper’s Jailhouse Mums, W

Series producer Kate South explains how her team unlocked the stories of Americas mothers behind bars

Look see wow 4

Look See Wow!, Sky Kids

Executive producer Eline van der Velden explains how her team got hands on to make an ASMR-inspired immersive show for toddlers

uktv_80230573859 (1)

The complex journey to air Blackadder's pilot episode

Executive producer Tom Edwards explains the challenges of bringing the 40-year-old pilot of a beloved show to TV for the first time

Our Planet II Netflix 3

Our Planet II, Netflix

How the landmark Silverback sequel reinvents itself, getting notes and harnessing the latest tech


Frankie Dettori: An Ascot Legacy, Sky Sports Racing

Little Dot Sport creative producer Will O’Sullivan on how to make the most of limited time with a documentary star


Forced Out, Sky Documentaries

Producer Sophie Perrins explains how she and her LGBT+ crew told the story of those who were ejected from the Armed Forces because of their sexuality

My husband mma fighter (3)

My Husband the MMA Fighter, BBC1

Director Christine Johnston explains the challenges of directing and producing her first documentary film

David Shipley

Monster In The Morgue: David Fuller, Sky Documentaries

Series director Andrew Parkin on the challenge of making a documentary about one of the biggest taboos


A Paedophile in My Family: Surviving Dad, Channel 4

Producer-director Sophie Oliver on how she navigated complex duty of care needs to tell a difficult story

Katy JW

Gender Wars, Channel 4

Director Pamela Gordon explains how the much-contested documentary gained the trust of trans contributors

Ten Pound Poms

Ten Pound Poms, BBC1

Executive producers Danny Brocklehurst and Joel Wilson on making a drama series with ‘dirt under its fingernails’

Matt Willis

Matt Willis: Fighting Addiction, BBC1

Grace Reynolds, executive producer, on telling a story which is both personal and wide-ranging

Belgium Transitions

Eurovision Song Contest Postcards, BBC1

Series producer Tom Cook reveals how his team put together the Eurovision VTs showcasing the different countries involved

no idea

Therapy: Tough Talking, BBC3

Northern Child creative director Andrew Eastel on balancing duty of care with opening up the world of therapy

73527_1_Kids - Annabelle

Behind the scenes on Kids, Channel 4

Producer-director Paddy Wivell explains how the power of obs docs help contributors tell previously unheard stories

Nikki and Angel 4

Kidnapped – The Angel Lynn Story: The ethics of filming a story of abuse

Wonderhood Studios navigated a complex consent issue to bring the tragic story of a victim of coercive control to screen

Karl Lagerfeld and cat

The Mysterious Mr Lagerfeld, BBC2

Director Michael Waldman on the quirks of capturing the lavish life of one of fashion’s most eccentric stars

Con or Cure -Dr Xand and Karen Donnelly, Series Producer

Dr Xand’s Con Or Cure, BBC1

Executive producer Brendan Hughes explains the challenge of shooting 10 shows in four days

Scared of the Dark_3

Scared of the Dark: shining a light on the social experiment

Creators of Channel 4 series on creating a reality show in total darkness

Deborah James (1)

Deborah James: Bowelbabe In Her Own Words, BBC2

Director Sara Hardy explains the challenges of creating an archive documentary using very 21st Century material

LYRA - Lyra at wall, pointing to graffiti “God Loves the QUEERS’

Lyra, Channel 4

Director Alison Millar explains the heart-wrenching task of allowing her friend, the murdered journalist Lyra McKee, to tell her own story

KEY ART-Made Up In Belfast-01 (1)

Made Up In Belfast, BBC3

Emma-Rosa Dias, managing director for Afro-Mic Productions, explains how BBC NI’s new glossy reality show came to be


Chasing the Rains, Sky Nature

Producer Faith Musembi on getting close to animal families during a severe drought


Highland Cops, BBC Scotland/BBC2

Series producer Andrew Abbott explains how his team captured the realities of policing across vast swathes of northern Scotland

Fred's Last Resort - Nick Avery (centre right to Fred Sirieix)

Fred’s Last Resort, E4

David Harrison, executive and joint creative director, Betty TV, on why his reality show relied on finding exactly the right hotel


Arctic From Above, Sky Nature

Director Olly Bootle explains why the Arctic is best explored from the air


Murder in the Pacific, BBC2

Director Chloe Campbell explains how she directed a documentary about the bombing of the Greenpeace ship Rainbow Warrior


Anorexic, Channel 5

Rachel Harvie, executive producer explains why allowing contributors to take the lead can create a more intimate and illuminating film


Tempting Fortune: Adventure with a tempting twist

Voltage TV format, sold by Cineflix Rights, sends contestants on a trek across South Africa to win £300k – if they can keep their desires in check


Ama’s Story, Sky Kids

Creative director Jesse Cleverly explains how Wildseed Studios helped new talent find their voice on screen


Go Hard or Go Home, BBC3

Executive producer Michael Fraser explains how the tropical island-set fitness format came to be

Dinosaur with Steven Fry_Dinos_FOSSIL_TRL5

Dinosaur with Stephen Fry, Channel 5

Tayte Simpson, executive producer on how the team had just six months to send the presenter back in time

Medium_70963_1_S1_Ep1_The Piano S1 Ep1-15

How Channel 4’s The Piano breaks the rules of competition shows

Richard McKerrow reveals how the twist at the heart of his latest show turned the genre on its head

Nolly BTS

Bringing TV soap royalty to life

Nolly director Peter Hoar on harnessing nostalgia and finding inspiration from Netflix’s The Crown


How His Dark Materials is opening up new worlds

Bad Wolf has spent the past six years working on its adaptation for BBC1, but the show’s impact on the TV industry will last much longer

PUTIN image 6

Putin vs the West, BBC2

Tim Stirzaker explains how a planned documentary about Russia foreign policy suddenly became more timely - and more challenging

Lockwood, Lucy & George

Lockwood & Co., Netflix

Casting director Kharmel Cochrane on the quest to find the right young stars for the adaptation of a much-loved novel


The Warship: Tour of Duty, BBC2

Director and producer Chris Terrill on the unique experience of filming on HMS Queen Elizabeth, the Navy’s biggest warship


The Territory, Disney +

Producer Lizzie Gillett on the bespoke finance strategy and collaborative approach to the award-winning documentary about land theft in the Amazon

Tom Daley illegal to be me (1)

Top 10 behind the scenes of 2022

Including Tom Daley: Illegal To Be Me, Lovestruck High, Tell Me Everything and The Responder


Dance Monsters, Netflix

Sarah Tyekiff, head of unscripted and executive producer, explains how a talent show featuring dancers digitally disguised as monsters came to be


Vardy v Rooney: A Courtroom Drama, Channel 4

Executive producer Tom Popay on distilling the court case that gripped the nation into two episodes of TV

deep_fake_neighbour_wars_001 copy

Deep Fake Neighbour Wars: Faking it for laughs

Tiger Aspect’s Deep Fake Neighbour Wars uses state-of-the-art technology to show ‘celebrities’ feuding with each other over the garden fence


The Snowman: the film that changed Christmas, C4

Producer/director Robert Neill on exploring the legacy of a short but magical film

Seb Barfield and Joe Magee working on an animation

Spike Milligan: The Unseen Archive, Sky Arts

Director Seb Barfield on capturing the chaos and comedy of Spike Milligan in an archival documentary


My Dead Body, Channel 4

Director Sophie Robinson on the challenges of honouring life and dignity in a film about dissection


Live at the Moth Club, Dave & UKTV Play

Director Rupert Majendie on bringing live ensemble comedy to UK television screens

Trese Ribans

Kanaval, BBC4

Producer Natasha Dack Ojumu on the long journey to the Jacmel carnival


Written in The Stars, Discovery+

Creative director Rosie Bray on whether relationships (and TV shows) can ever be left up to fate

Three mothers

Three Mothers, Two Babies and a Scandal, Amazon Prime

Series director Alice McMahon-Major on telling a complicated, emotional story while evoking the early days of the internet


Ghosts (US), BBC3

Joe Port explains how he and writing partner Joe Wiseman approached moving a show about British history across the Atlantic

strength_limitless_104_cp17554_r_5fe18e5a (1)

Limitless with Chris Hemsworth, Disney+

Arif Nurmohamed on how to make internal battles and healthy living advice visually gripping


Olga da Polga, CBeebies

Executive producer Jackie Savery explains how to bring out the comedic talents of guinea pig


Gods of the Game: A Football Opera, Sky Arts

Executive producer Lisa Fairbank on bringing together the international worlds of football and opera on stage and screen

AA Shoot Malta2

Ancient Apocalypse, Netflix

Executive producer Bruce Kennedy on attempting to capture a seamless storyflow despite continual Covid challenges

Mariupol City destruction credit Evgeny Sosnovskyi_5

Mariupol: The People’s Story (Panorama), BBC1

Producer Hilary Andersson on the challenges of getting footage and eyewitness testimony out of a besieged city


Gogglebocs Cymru, S4C

Executive producer Sioned Wyn on the challenges of bringing a beloved reality format to a Welsh language audience


ITVX bids for youth audience with Tell Me Everything

Behind the scenes on Noho Film & Television’s coming-of-age drama, which balances comedy with mental health and social media

Broadcast 1

Louis Theroux Interviews, BBC iPlayer

Executive producer Arron Fellows on creating a fresh approach to interviews, while capturing every moment

9. Police search on East Lothian 1977 2

The Hunt for the World’s End Killers, BBC1 Scotland

Executive producerMick McAvoy on making a true-crime doc two-parter about a gruesome doube murder

TS Eliot doc.Image credit to Susanna White

TS Eliot: Into The Waste Land, BBC2

Director Susanna White on unbuttoning the legacy of a notoriously private poet through film


Secret Superpowers with Tom Daley, Snapchat

Tom Hemsley, executive creative director at Little Dot Studios, explains the challenges and opportunities of creating a show for mobile


Trawlermen: Hunting the Catch, BBC1

Executive producer Jamie Balment on casting and co-ordinating a show at the mercy of the elements

Dal y Mellt BTS boat

Dal y Mellt, S4C

Producer Llyr Morus on why filming a Welsh language drama about a diamond heist wasn’t all plain sailing

RTV1 copy_CC

Reginald The Vampire: Comedy with bite

How the Syfy series is subverting the comedy horror genre by sinking its teeth into issues such as race, sexuality and body positivity


Hollyoaks’ Big Autumn Stunt, Channel 4

Series producer Phil Dodds on creating ever more spectacular stunts while maintaing an emotional heart


Our Boarding School, CBBC

Executive producer Richard Marson talks about building trust with subjects


WWII: Secrets From Above, National Geographic

Series director Johnny Shipley explains the painstaking research and VFX work that went into this Second World War doc series

Dont Hug Me Scared

Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared, Channel 4

Executive producer James Stevenson Bretton on turning six-minute YouTube videos into half-hour sitcom episodes


Escape From Kabul Airport, BBC2

Director and producer Jamie Roberts on the inside story of the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan


One Day in Ukraine, BBC1

Writer and director Volodymyr Tykhyy on the process of capturing a the realities of life on single day in Ukraine during the Russian invasion


Michael Palin: Into Iraq, Channel 5

Directer Neil Ferguson on filming Michael Palin on a 1,000 mile journey across Iraq, one of the most dangerous countries in the world


Ninja Warrior UK: Race For Glory, ITV

Executive producer Michael Kelpie on attempting to return with a bigger, better, and stronger show than ever before


Dead Canny, Dave

TriForce’s Fraser Ayres explains how the initiative which created its comedy pilot sought to platform new and underrepresented talent


Bad Sisters, AppleTV+

Executive producer Faye Dorn on the making of Merman’s dark comedy thriller


The Rings of Power: The making of Middle Earth

Lord Of The Rings precursor is taking episodic television into a whole new dimension – with scale and ambition to match the world of cinema

GI_01_Mary and her sisters 2

Britain’s Secret War Babies, Channel 4

Exec producer Emily Shields on documenting history and helping contributors search for their US relatives to better understand their black heritage

Gary Numan Programme Imagery

Gary Numan: Resurrection, Sky Arts

Producer and director Randall Wright on how to tell a story of success, failure, rebirth and different ways of thinking

Behind the Scenes - Pakistan - Credit - BBC - Zinc Television London Ltd - Luke Korzun Martin

Tom Daley: Illegal To Be Me, BBC1

Producer Fozia Nasir on the challenge of finding terrified LGBT+ athletes to talk on camera, even if their identity was concealed

Zandile, Leigh, Alison & Jannine

Shark Women: Ghosted by Great Whites, Discovery+

Executive producer Janine Waddell on finding missing sharks with an all-female crew

Dine Hard (1)

Dine Hard, All 4

Executive producer Stu Richards on the challenges behind producing Rockerdale Studios’ digital-first format

Broadcast ATB feature image 4

America The Beautiful, Disney+ & National Geographic

Co-executive producer Mark Linfield reveals how Top Gun inspired the production team to use a fighter jet to film landscapes and weather systems

BTS 01

Queen of Trucks, BBC3

Small indie founder Anton Inwood shares the journey to his first commission, an ob doc about an HGV driving school

Pia Somersby

Behind the Scenes: PRU, BBC3

Executive producer Nicky Bedu on making a comedy series with young talent in front and behind the camera


Behind The Scenes: Murder in the Alps, Channel 4

Series producer and director Catey Sexton on shaping a true crime story with no official police narrative to follow

Sunday Morning Live

Behind the scenes on Sunday Morning Live, BBC1

Executive producer Brendan Hughes on why there is no barrier to Green Inc & Tern TV’s thinking on developing the popular BBC format

Scouting for Girls

Scouting for Girls: Fashion’s Darkest Secret, Sky Documentaries

Rebecca Templar and Jacqueline Edenbrow on balancing stories of abuse from the past with a present day journey towards justice

PZ Hologram image low res

Behind the Scenes: Zelensky’s hologram, Founders Forum

Talesmith founder Martin Williams visits Kyiv to produce a Star Wars-style speech


Behind the Scenes: Dead End: Paranormal Park, Netflix

Hamish Steele shares his pride in featuring a fat, gay, trans, Jewish teen lead in Blink industries’ animated, kids comedy-horror series

Fantastic Friends Photo 24-11-2021, 17 11 23

Getting Fantastic Friends on the road and on the screen

Executive producer Daniel Sharp on producing a series he hopes will inspire people to travel again

Ella and Andrew at PM 2

What Killed The Whale?, Channel 4

Rosy Marshall-McCrae on STVS’ doc about a stranded whale, an animal autopsy and an environmental crime scene

crown jewels 12

The Crown Jewels, BBC1

Atlantic’s Anthony Geffen on the 14 year wait to use macro-technology to discover the secrets of the planet’s most valuable jewels

The Unseen Queen 2

Elizabeth: The Unseen Queen, BBC1

Exec producer Julia Harrington reveals how BBCS told the Queen’s story using her own words and home movies

LS on bench

Ralph & Katie: How the A Word spin-off put inclusivity first

The first British drama to feature two lead actors with Down’s has raised the bar for accessibility on set

One Bullet in Belize

One Bullet in Belize, Discovery+

Producer director Sarah Hunt battles death threats and misinformation in Central America

Tom Butler and Mike Cunliffe

Cornwall’s Wildest Wave, BBC1

Director Mike Cunliffe on the patient wait for the perfect surf


Corpse Talk, YouTube

Executive producer Tom Beattie on making an animated chat show for dead historical people


Behind the scenes: Y Golau / The Light in the Hall, S4C

Director Andy Newbery on the complexities of producing a back-to-back production in different languages

Brickies_Cast_Kuda and Lucas

Brickies, BBC3

Executive producer Louis Bamber on how contributors’ willingness to share their issues took the show up a level


The Dry, BritBox

Executive producer Emma Norton on the long hunt to find a broadcast partner for Nancy Harris’ comedy drama

Medium_73124_1_The Spy Who Died Twice-1

The Spy Who Died Twice, Channel 4

Director Keely Winstone explains how her documentary on a scandal with striking parallels to the politics of today finally made it to the screen

Army Commando, Danny, at the Royal Citadel overlooking Plymouth sea front

Commando: Britain’s Ocean Warriors, BBC2

Series producer/director Greg Lander Williams highlights the challenges of keeping up with the Royal Marine Commandos

BDRH Key Art

Born Deaf Raised Hearing, BBC1

Director/producer Toby Cameron tracks Jonny Cotsen’s journey to discover whether he can be part of both deaf and hearing worlds


Wild Babies, Netflix

Humble Bee’’s showrunner Beth Brooks on eliciting an emotional response to animal families

Life After Life (7)

Life After Life, BBC2

Producer Kate Ogborn on the complexities of shooting scenes set across five decades


Lovestruck High: Creating an American high school in Devon

Studio Lambert pays homage to classic US high-school movies in its new reality dating format for Amazon Prime Video

Tan France

Tan France: Beauty and the Bleach, BBC2

Line producer Lindsay Davies on making a special film on colourism


Primark – How Do They Really Do it?, Channel 5

Firecrest’s executive producer Nicole Kleeman on gaining access to the secretive retailer


Dinosaurs: The Final Day with David Attenborough, BBC1

Executive producer Helen Thomas on having to keep tight-lipped over a spectacular discovery


Idris Elba’s Fight School, BBC2

Executive producer Michelle Chappell on getting this special programme on air despite a series of setbacks


Romeo and Duet, ITV

A speedy greenlight meant that financing our shiny floor format was our biggest hurdle, says Goat Films’ Mel Crawford


SAS: Who Dares Wins, C4

A new location and line-up takes our popular format into a new direction says executive producer Benjamin Leigh


Nikki Grahame: Who Is She?, Channel 4

A personal promise was at the heart of this intimate doc says executive producer Ollie Durrant

SD Matt, Helen & Ricky Tomlinson

Behind the scenes: Inside the Superbrands, C4

Balancing access with editorial integrity was key to our factual series, says editor Anoushka Roberts


Behind the Scenes: Trust No One, Netflix

Director Luke Sewell explains why a man wearing a fox mask didn’t feel out of place in this cryptocurrency-conspiracy doc

Exclusive_TLB_107_Unit_00001 (1)

The Last Bus: scaling up Wildseed Studios’ high-concept drama idea for a Netflix budget

Creator Paul Neafcy and exec producers Jesse Cleverly and Miles Bullough on their killer robots series

70936_1_S1_Ep1_Rescue_ Extreme Medics-5

Rescue: Extreme Medics, C4

Documenting real-life remote critical care was as extraordinary and dramatic as we hoped, says executive producer Iain Scollay


Beyond Reasonable Doubt: Britain’s Rape Crisis, BBC1

Our Panorama special attempts to highlight the human cost behind rape conviction headlines, says producer/director Rebecca Coxon

Medium_72644_1_S1_Ep1_The Great Big Tiny Design Challenge S1 Ep1-8

The Great Big Tiny Design Challenge, More 4

Bringing this tiny world to life has been no small feat, but the result is one of which I couldn’t be prouder, says Sarah Stevenson


Newark, Newark, Gold

It took five years for our regional comedy to be greenlit, but it was worth the wait, says executive producer Dave Evans

TBMA - BTS Stills - DRAGONFLY_samuel dore-15

Then Barbara Met Alan, BBC2 / Netflix

Producer Bryony Arnold on assembling the largest collective of disabled talent on any UK TV show

Iceland Working on SkiBikes 1, L to R Billy, Titch, John, Photo Grant Wardrop Sml Size

The Speedshop, BBC2

Former Top Gear producer Grant Wardrop on the engineering and adventure show

Three Drinkers (2)

The Three Drinkers in Ireland, Amazon

Booze co-founders Aidy Smith and Helena Nicklin on overcoming multiple challenges for their exploration of the burgeoning drinks trade


Our House, ITV

Red Planet Pictures’ stripped drama plays in the present and past, which provided us with multiple challenges, says producer Tom Mullens


The Ipcress File: giving the spy classic a modern spin

Exec producer Will Clarke & director James Watkins on retaining the feel of the 1960s film while giving their ITV adaptation a modern sensibility

Bad Love iPlayer image

Bad Love: Why Did Fri Kill Kyle?, BBC3

A multi-perspective approach helped bring balance to this emotive doc, says producer/director Danielle Spears


We Are Black and British, BBC2

Exec Narinder Minhas on how appointing a production team with different opinions and backgrounds was key


Devil’s Advocate, Sky Documentaries

Wonderhood producer Tom Garton on telling the story of one of Britain’s most notorious conmen

Starstuck iconic

Starstruck, ITV

Cat Lawson rises to the challenge of producing a feelgood show for Saturday night

MM_106-20210311-BW_0077 (3)

Magpie Murders, BritBox

Executive producer Jill Green on bringing a fresh spin to Anthony Horowitz’s adaptation


Chloe, BBC1

Sourcing local Bristol talent and minimising travel helped get our series produced through the pandemic says exec producer Tally Garner


Dodger: a reworking of Oliver Twist

Creator Rhys Thomas on how his 80’s kids TV addiction inspired a reworking of Oliver Twist

Jacqueline and Rhys (1)

Exploring the complexities of sex and disability

Wildflame’s Jacqueline Lee tackles taboo topics for S4C


The Responder: crime drama gets a dose of reality

Creator Tony Schumacher and star Martin Freeman talk about reflecting real life with a mix of dark moments and humour


Getting to the bottom of Why Ships Crash

Alessandra Bonomolo and Tom Cook on the story of the 2021 Suez Canal blockage which led to a global emergency

SCREW main promo image

Screw, Channel 4

We wanted our drama to show the full range of human life that exists behind bars, says STVS exec Sarah Brown

73376_1_S1_Ep1_The Greatest Snowman-9

The Greatest Snowman: Working in a winter wonderland

South Shore had to conquer a logistical mountain to get five celebrities to the Austrian Alps to see who could build the best snowman

Caroline Flack_ Her Life and Death-4

Top 10 Behind The Scenes of 2021

Including Caroline Flack: Her Life and Death, It’s a Sin and Paddy and Christine McGuinness: Our Family And Autism


The Weakest Link, BBC1

Bringing a fresh feel to a much loved format was at the foremost of our minds says executive producer Pete Ogden

Behind the scenes green screen war table

48 hours to Victory, Channel 4

Time constraints and Covid restrictions couldn’t stop us bringing this historical series to life, says producer Nick Watts

Paddy, Christine & Lucy Wilcox

Paddy and Christine McGuinness: Our Family And Autism, BBC1

Raw’s Dilys McCaffrey on how her autism helped her connect with contributors

Owen Peters recording sound New Forest

New Forest, Smithsonian Channel

Patience was key to bringing our doc to the screen, says producer and director Sarah Cunliffe

freddie mercury the final act

Freddie Mercury: The Final Act, BBC2

How a breakfast TV interview changed this documentary from a ‘making of’ film to a WTF film

Queens of Rap

Queens of Rap, Channel 4

Director Poppy Begum on why working with an all-female crew for this hip hop doc was ‘like being in the girls’ toilets at clubs’


GamesMaster: Rewriting the code for TV gaming

How the producers of the C4 reboot kept the original’s DNA while updating the format for gamers raised on esports and Twitch


Inside the Care Crisis with Ed Balls, BBC2

Gaining access to care homes meant more than sensitive filming - we had to earn respect by helping out, says Orlando Robinson


Al Murray: Why Do the Brits Win Every War?

Avalon’s Sky History show takes a humorous look at Britain’s involvement in historical conflicts


It Takes a Flood, ITV

With COP26 underway, the urgency of Docsville’s feature on flooding in Britain has never been clearer, says Dan Dewsbury

Britain's Destitute Kids (4)

Behind the Scenes: Britain’s Hidden Homeless Kids, C4

Our Dispatches doc on childhood poverty could have been the impossible commission but a simple email changed everything, says Jezza Neumann

Charlene White doc

Charlene White: Empire’s Child, ITV

Our exploration of the presenter’s past for ITV took us everywhere from Devon to Jamaica, says Andy Mundy-Castle

catching a predator (3)

Catching a Predator, BBC iPlayer

We wanted to make a film that was about the people who brought Reynhard Sinaga to justice, says director Liza Williams


COP26: In Your Hands

Filming our politically-charged climate change doc for Sky Kids and Sky News meant locating six young contributors on six continents

BTS image 1

Wonders of the Celtic Deep

Making a blue-chip natural history series during Covid could have swept our production away but experienced and ingenuity got us through


How Sally Lindsay uncovered The Madame Blanc Mysteries

Creating Channel 5’s mystery drama in Gozo during the pandemic was tough, but the cast and crew made it the time of my life, says Sally Lindsay

Myleene Klass 1

Myleene Klass: Miscarriage & Me

Our one-off doc for W is a raw but sensitive examination of an experience many refuse to address, says Lucy Rogers

Mias story (2)

Domestic Violence and Me: Mia’s Story, MTV

Mia Boardman’s experience and struggles to find closure was crucial to doc, says True North’s Fiona O’Sullivan


My journey Hunting the Essex Lorry Killers while pregnant

Expectation supported my director’s vision for investigative doc throughout my pregnancy & as I learned the ropes as a new mum, says Niamh Kennedy


Our mission to launch Among the Stars

We applied Fulwell 73’s sports doc expertise to bring Disney+’s space doc to life as the pandemic caused unforseen issues, says Ben Turner


Getting The Emily Atack Show back on stage

Shooting for the second run of ITV2’s sketch series from Monkey Kingdom ended as we’d hoped – in a room full of laughing comedy fans, says Avril Spary


Getting animated with Boomerang’s Moley

Creating voices for our leading mole and his friends was a team effort powered by amazing acting skills, says Leon Joosen


28Up: the quiet power of BBC1’s doc series

We wondered whether to make the latest instalment of the feted generational doc series during Covid, but we’re glad we did, says Melanie Archer


Vendetta: Behind the scenes on the showdown in Sicily

Ruggero Di Maggio, Davide Gambino and Nicola Moody lift the lid on the co-pro between Sicily’s Mon Amour Films and the UK’s Nutopia


Playing The Mating Game on BBC1

Capturing the antics of horny humpbacks and amorous arachnids relied on expert crew, says Silverback’s Jeff Wilson

Ridley Road 4

Sarah Solemani: en route to Ridley Road

How Red’s BBC1 drama can change perceptions of Jewishness

Bambers Murder At The Farm

Telling the tale of The Bambers for Sky Crime

Revealing the complex, tragic and compelling family story underpinning the infamous crime case was key to our doc series, says director Lottie Gammon


Inviting all into Karaoke Club: Drag Edition

Using an Inside No. 9 episode aesthetic as a jump off point, ITV2’s wild karaoke format blends live music show elements with reality, says Will Macdonald

Human Pinball 3 - Photographer Credit Leo Francis-Red Bull Content Pool

Making a Human Pinball machine for Red Bull

Constructing and filming a human pinball structure was terrifying at times but impossible to resist, says Mike Christie


If I Could Tell You Just One Thing, YouTube

Producer Emma Taylor on overcoming Covid protocols to help Patricia Bright converse with inspirational women

C4_Class_of__122__Park f2

Sixteen: Class of 2021, Channel 4

The second wave of Covid completely changed the nature of our doc series says producer Farah Qayum

TNW_103_NW_2509_4731_RT_credit Nick Wall

The North Water: Going the extra mile for authenticity

With its key whaling scenes filmed on location in the Arctic, The North Water is probably the most northerly drama shoot ever attempted


Peataí! / Pet Nation, BBC Northern Ireland, RTÉ

The unlikely combination of Covid protocols & problematic pets made our pop-up event clinic a joy & a challenge, says Muireann McGinty


The Wimbledon Kidnapping, Sky Documentaries

Producer Joanna Bartholomew on revisiting an intriguing case of mistaken identity and bungling ineptitude


Tonight With Target: black culture takes centre stage

BBC3 music format aims to reinvigorate the genre by putting a new generation of black British artists in the spotlight

(L-R) Nicola Walker as Annika Strandhed, Ukweli Roach as DS Tyrone Clarke, Katie Leung as DC Blair Ferguson and Jamie Sives as DS Michael McAndrews

Creating a Scandi/Scottish world for Alibi

Annika exec producer Arabella Page Croft spotted a tiny window of opportunity with lead Nicola Walker and grabbed it with both hands


Deceit: Police procedure in the dock

Story Films hands a fresh perspective to C4’s drama exploring the notorious Rachel Nickell investigation

RX3- Beau Hunslet tyre fire

Illuminating Yorkshire Firefighters for BBC2

Careful planning and creative storytelling ensured we could build the narrative for our blue-light factual series, says James Knight

reclaiming amy

Reclaiming Amy: changing the narrative

The late great singer’s story had never been told by the people closest to her – until now, says Marina Parker


Helping French and Saunders find Funny Women

We used every ounce of ingenuity to achieve Dawn and Jennifer’s vision, says Glen Middleham

Photographer Kevin Baker - Donna Preston and the horde

Hunkering down for Apocalypse Wow

Putting talent in cohorts and and dropping the ‘baying horde’ were key to getting our wild ITV2 entertainment series to air, says Ben Wilson


The dangers of uncovering hidden truths in the Amazon

We literally found ourselves in the firing line filming our documentary series for Vice, says Adam Laister

Vicky Vasquez (scientist) and Dirk Rosen (ROV operator) working on our remote operated underwater vehicle

Rogue Tiger Shark – The Hunt for Lagertha

Covid-19 forced us to totally rethink how we made our Discovery+ doc about a tiger shark attack in the Pacific, says Martin Cass


Setting up Discovery+’s Shark Academy

Making a Shark Week competition series during Covid meant commandeering a private jet to fly a testing lab to The Bahamas, says Jo Locke


Welcoming Michael Ball to Wonderful Wales

Singer’s exploration of his mother’s homeland was also his first time presenting an ob-doc, says Carrie Smith

Sophie Toscan du Plantier

Sophie: A Murder in West Cork, Netflix

Producer Sarah Lambert on taking a different approach to a crime story

Together (12)

Together: Love in the time of Covid

Shot in just 10 days, with a cast of three and a single location, BBC2’s lockdown drama aired just four months after being greenlit

The A List pic

The A List, Netflix

Navigating lockdown and the wild Welsh weather made for a stressful shoot


Meerkat Manor Rise of the Dynasty, BBC America

We wanted to make our wildlife series a bingeworthy boxset, says executive producer Caroline Hawkins

Mat Stimpson and George Hill filming at Hinkley Point B

Why BBC2 took the nuclear option with Windfall

Constructing the narrative for Building Britain’s Biggest Nuclear Power Station was a test of trust and patience, says Mat Stimpson


Anne Boleyn: Bringing history up to date

Channel 5’s ambitious new original drama aims to reset the narrative around Henry VIII’s second wife

The Shanghai Canaries (Shanghai orphanage football team initiated by Robert) training in Norwich shirts

How Sky Documentaries met the Children of Shanghai

Richard Nash on telling the story of how a former British footballer’s intervention meant a million Chinese orphans were moved into foster families

New_Ret_2021_04_23_Super_Vet1705 vr2

The Supervet - Saving My Dog, Channel 4

Recording how Noel Fitzpatrick’s life was turned upside down was an emotional rollercoaster says exec producer Alex Sutherland


How Sky Arts is leading The Live Revival

Music venues were closing a significant rate before Covid struck, but our doc series chronicles a fightback led by artists, says Justin Rees


Plot twist: making The Pact

The pandemic placed production of our BBC drama in peril but strange new ways of working saw us through, says Pete McTighe

Steven Johnson & Dr Anthony Fauci

Carefully planning for Extra Life

BBC drama Staged was an unexpected inspiration when pandemic problems hit our BBC4 and PBS science series, says Fiona Caldwell


How we put Domina on trial

The coronavirus cut our Sky swords ‘n’ sandals drama by two episodes and forced us into re-writes for an unexpected courtroom drama, says Simon Burke

MLDHI double winner Josh from Dover is now ready to move out of his mums (pictured) house

My Lottery Dream Home International, Discovery+

Reformatting a US series on UK soil for an international audience during lockdown proved a winning experience, says Paula Campion

71025_1_S1_Ep1_Davina McCall_ Sex, Myths and the Menopause-3

Tackling the menopause with Davina

Finestripe set out to smash taboos on C4 single and was helped along by a host willing to open up, says director/producer Linda Sands

Leigh Anne

Leigh-Anne: Race, Pop & Power, BBC1/BBC3

My childhood friendship with the Little Mix star helped focus our exploration of race, says Tash Gaunt

Pip and Posy ep 9 still 1

Pip and Posy, C5/Sky Kids

Producer Vici King on why bringing the popular children’s tales to screen was like making vodka


Sitting down with the Queen’s cousins

Yorkshire Vet indie Daisybeck’s signature heartfelt style was applied to a sometimes-divisive subject, says development producer Claire Scollie


BBC1 Ian Wright doc: telling Home Truths on and off-screen

Ensuring a diverse crew was crucial to spotlighting the football star’s childhood experiences, says producer Charlene Chika Osuagwu

Photo 5

Finding our Money Maker in a pandemic

Casting a business guru willing to invest big sums during Covid took more than blue sky thinking, says Nick Parnes


Secrets of the Whales: the art of goosebump TV

Filming whale culture in every ocean on earth, but you still have to fight to keep the emotion going on-screen, Brian Armstrong argues

Man like Greta

Making Man Like Greta

Rockerdale Studios underwent ‘detailed exploration of a new world’ to forge C4 social media show , says exec Michelle Singer


The Beast Must Die: Revenge is sweet

The team behind BritBox’s original drama on how colour-blind casting & a gender switch bring a different dimension to their novel adaptation


Smart budgeting for British sci-fi

Creating Intergalactic for Sky 1 was a mix of big ambitious and clear boundaries, says Kieron Hawkes

Saved by a Stranger

The extraordinary story behind Saved By A Stranger

Justine Kershaw reveals how a near-fatal accident inspired Blink’s new BBC2 series about strangers connected through trauma

Dreaming Whilst Black 1

Dreaming Whilst Black: from web to BBC1

Our Comedy Slice adaptation of Adjani Salmon’s online hit shows people of colour given senior positions create brilliant programmes, says Gina Lyons

Baby Surgeons1

Breaking the social silence around pregnancy for C4

Wonderhood Studios’ doc series Baby Surgeons challenged us to film sensitively and carefully, says James W Newton

BTS Lucy The Human ChimpC

How Hollywood helped Lucy the Human Chimp

Going into production during the global pandemic meant using a technique reserved for big-budget films on our Channel 4 doc, says Alex Parkinson


How the ‘woman of Cremona’ revealed Big Light’s Leonardo

Telling the story of the great Renaissance painter came together when we discovered his possible ‘muse’, says Frank Spotnitz


Working with the Wolf of Wall Street

Creating Discovery+’s GameStop: The Wall Street Hijack was a complicated and exciting challenge – and so was its presenter, says Mark Radice


Romeo & Juliet, Sky Arts

Collaborating with the National Theatre was a rewarding experience says producer David Sabel

Matt Baker Our Farm In The DalesE

Matt Baker’s diary: a debut commission in lockdown

Presenter reveals how a family accident led to More 4’s Our Farm in the Dales


Covering the trial of Derek Chauvin

A herculean effort was undertaken to get George Floyd’s accused murderer’s trial on screen, says exec Scott Tufts. Words: Emma Bullimore


The Syndicate: Eyes on the prize

Writer Kay Mellor on her determination to mix young working-class actors with more familiar faces as her Lottery-winner drama returns

Catie Munnings next to the Koenigsegg Regera

Unlocking the Secrets of the Supercars

The pandemic posed unimagined problems for our behind-the-scenes look at the supercar world for Dave, but a belt and braces approach got us over the finish line, says Jonney Steven

crew photo 1

Predator: Catching the Black Cab Rapist, C5

Honouring the brave accounts of the women attacked by John Worboys was essential to making this documentary, says Sheun Adelasoye

the detectives fighting organised crime

The Detectives: Fighting Organised Crime, BBC2

Building trust with officers was key to recording some extraordinary moments, says series producer Louise Malkinson

From L to R Matt Bacon – Sound Recordist  Alan Thurston – Camera Assistant  Craig Collinson – Director  Dr Zoe Laughlin - Presenter  Dr George McGavin – Presenter  Séamas McCracken – DoP

Why Tern TV trawled through sewage for BBC2

Directing The Secret Science of Sewage under Covid was smelly and hard, but led to real-life breakthroughs, says Craig Collinson

BTS Caroline image

Caroline Flack: Her Life and Death, C4

We wanted to celebrate the TV presenter’s life, but she deserved more from our industry says director Charlie Russell


Dating through a Covid filter

Physical closeness, juggling contributors’ cold feet and patience all played a part in getting Sky’s Dating No Filter off the ground

Lost Boy_ The Killing of James Bulger_m14919[1]

Lost Boy: The Killing of James Bulger, C5

Exec Andy Dunn on why trust was key for the two-parter revisiting a shocking death

TX1_Emaleigh and Toni_0004

Women on the Force: captured in lockdown

A previous career in the police helped Dan Clark-Neal gain the trust of contributors for a locked down run of the W series

Yorkshire Ripper's new victims (1)

Reliving the sinister crimes of a serial killer

The Yorkshire Ripper’s New Victims producer Heenan Bhatti on recording the emotional stories on those who survived at the hands of Peter Sutcliffe


Using innovation to tell colourful stories

Humble Bee Films’ Sharmila Choudhury on bringing Attenborough’s Life In Colour to the screen

Bloods team

Bloods: Mining a fresh vein of comedy

Samson Kayo, Nathan Bryon and Ash Atalla explain how a sliding-doors moment led to the two young talents being entrusted with a major sitcom


Building Gordon Ramsay’s Bank Balance

The celebrity chef navigated time differences and quarantines to film our BBC1 game show, says Sue Allison


Bringing the Age of Samurai to life

Our Canadian Netflix original drama relied on great actors, production magic and animated battle maps, says Stephen Scott


Recreating the Blitz Spirit for BBC1

Covid-19, budgets and a trio of lockdown beards were among the challenges we faced creating our latest Lucy Worsley programme, says Emma Hindley


Jools in lockdown: keeping the music playing

The length of the great man’s grand piano helped Alison Howe’s team produce the 56th series of Later with… Jools Holland during the pandemic

Hugh Dennis at Lenton Nottingham

Digging deep for More 4

We wrecked gardens, circumvented local councils and stunk out a Premier Inn hotel room to create The Great British Dig, says Steve Wynne

Interviewee, Prosecutor Juan Martinez

Discovering the true Jodi Arias during Covid

We gained access to the people closest to convicted US killer Jodi Arias as the world locked down, says Lucie Ridout

Image 3

Reconstructing Shannon Matthews’ disappearance

Gaining the trust of a community dubbed ‘Broken Britain’ was tricky but rewarding, says director/producer Neil Rawles

Mel G 6

Mel Giedroyc: Unforgivable – creating comedy in lockdown

We’d nearly finished filming our panel show when production stopped, but we adapted, says Dom Wells-Martin

68719_2_S1_Ep2_It's A Sin S1 Ep2-9

It’s A Sin: out and proud in the 80s

Russell T Davies on why it was so important to cast gay actors in his 1980s-set AIDS drama


Richard Hammond on The Great Escapists

Our ambitious attempt to reinvent pop-science for Amazon involved 13 shipping containers, a desert island and massive builds, says presenter

Behind the scenes of The Brilliant World of Tom Gates filming the Make It segments

Bringing Tom Gates to life from our bedrooms

Covid forced us to make decisions on the fly to film and produce our Sky Kids series, says Sueann Rochester

Dancing On Ice 2021

Why 13 could be lucky for Dancing on Ice

Every eventuality has been considered and contingency plan plotted for 13th series of ITV’s ice-skating competition, says Clodagh O’Donoghue

A Discovery of Witches (5)

A Discovery of Witches, Sky

Bad Wolf exec producer Lachlan MacKinnon on creating 16th century London in South Wales


The ‘pawsome’ challenge of Pooch Perfect

Covid-19 played havoc with the planning of our BBC1 dog grooming competition series but it might have also made it better, says Damon Pattison

london bridges

London’s Greatest Bridges, C5

Lockdown restrictions have forced factual producers to think differently – but this can present creative opportunities, says Dominic Gallagher


Bringing order to Pandemonium

Mucking in and keeping crew and cast safe were key to our Covid-themed comedy for BBC1, says Tom Jordan


Cuddling up in The Cabins

ITV2 dating format may lack the ‘rattling pace or ratcheted drama’ of similar behemoths but it gives viewers room to breathe, says exec Ben Stevens


Unmasking the Singer again

Face-covering jokes aside, it took a Herculean effort to get the The Masked Singer’s second run on screen, says exec Derek McLean

1. Dancing on Thin Ice - Jayne Torvill & Christopher Dean

The impact of Torvill & Dean’s Alaskan adventure

Assessing the environmental cost of our quest to film the famous skaters perform the Bolero in nature underpinned our production, says Helena Braun


Top 10 Behind The Scenes of 2020

Director Lenny Abrahamson and executive producer Ed Guiney reveal their experiences pulling together BBC3’s romantic drama

Clown HBC 3

Bringing Quentin Blake’s Clown to life

It was a race against time to realise our ambition for Channel 4’s animated special from day one, says Massimo Fenati


How Roald & Beatrix saved Christmas

How Sky’s festive drama battled bad weather and the pandemic to make it to air in time for Christmas

Inside KFC At ChristmasD - Anne - KFC Buckshaw

Finding festive cheer in KFC

Sifting through 960 stores to discover the ‘people behind the uniform’ was a daunting task, says C4 ob-doc director Jonny Ashton

TheSurgeon'sCut_Season1_Episode4_Heart & Soul_03

The Surgeon’s Cut: capturing life and death situations

We scoured the planet to find the surgeons whose pioneering and lifesaving work is at the centre of our Netflix doc series, says James van der Pool

Angellica Bell & Ellie Harrison

Co-ordinating a Very Country Christmas

Tern TV had to grapple with PM’s Whack-a-Mole strategy and spiritual donkey-related conundrums for BBC1 three-parter, says exec Brendan Hughes

Jungle Mystery Lost Kingdoms of the Amazon9

Risking it all for C4’s Jungle Mystery: Lost Kingdoms of the Amazon

Our quest to document ancient rock art brought us face to face with Colombia’s most wanted man, says Paul King

Locked In

Locked In: Breaking the Silence, BBC4

Filmmaker Xavier Alford on the cathartic experience of sharing the story of his illness


Exploring the World According to Grandpa

Creating a relaxed atmosphere for child actors in a Covid-19 world was no easy task, says exec producer Caroline Cherry-Roberts


Coronation Street: Sixty years on the Street

How ITV Studios pulled off a series of ambitious 60th anniversary specials under Covid restrictions


DIY: SOS’s most challenging build

Pulling off major constructions for television is tough at the best of times, so imagine that during a pandemic, says Hamish Summers


How The Liberator revolutionises animated drama

Our technology has transformed Netflix and A&E’s WWII drama into a unique live-action/comic book hybrid, says Greg Jonkajtys

Surviving the Stone_Age_CHutton-088

Surviving the Stone Age with Channel 4’s explorers

There was genuine jeopardy as our anthropological experiment pushed our ‘Stone Age’ cast to the limit, says Natalie Wilkinson


How Romulus rolled back the clock

John Elmes discovers that Sky Italia’s epic series was as much history lesson as high-concept drama for producer Cattleya


Being Frank, BBC2

Showing the truth about disability, leaky colostomy bags and all, is at the heart of Curious doc about the BBC security correspondent


The rollercoaster ride reopening Alton Towers

Our Channel 4 documentary reveals the quiet anxieties of staff at the famous theme park, says Kate Siney

Arlo Parks

How Spirit Studios revealed The Whole Truth

We braced for a social media reaction to our Channel 4 music-meets-mental health special, but only found positivity, says Matt Campion

Jordan Davies, Lady Leshurr and and Darren Harriott with Bus

Taking Ghost Bus Tours mid-pandemic

Our Lithuania-shot horror entertainment series for ITV2 could have been a nightmare but ended up a scarily strong success, says Ben Wilson


American Nightmare: the two-week shoot that lasted six months

Covid-19 hit when I was filming our Channel 4 child poverty doc in US - but we decided to see it through, says Jezza Neumann


Small Axe: Lessons in black history

Tracing the stories of black West Indians over 16 years, director Steve McQueen’s new BBC1 series couldn’t be more relevant or timely


Animation in lockdown: a new pace for stop motion

Every rule our animators use went out the window to create the second series of CBBC’s Scream Street, says Phil Chalk


The collaboration game – C5’s ‘confederate’ commission

How the trio of regional indies and commissioning editor reveal how they collaborated on A Big History of…


Addressing miscarriage on screen: a sensitive task

Producer and director Janice Sutherland, explains her C5 film about a topic no-one could bring themselves to talk about

The Pact_shoot

Covid couldn’t stop us - try as it might

Sometimes it felt our BBC Wales drama The Pact would never get made, but we have made it into production, say Elwen Rowlands and Hayley Manning

Inside the Tower of London 38

Producing Inside the Tower of London from a distance

We had to remotely teach Beefeaters to become professional filmmakers to complete our C5 series during lockdown, says Sarah Sarkhel

Mari Lucaccini - Production Designer and her team

Henry VIII: revealing the inner torment

Our quest to explore the mental health of the storied monarch for C5 through docu-drama took us to the Vatican and back, says Luke Korzun Martin

L-R Kenny Gamble, Olivia Lichtenstein, Leon Huff.  Gamble and Huff are legendery producers and songwriters  and creators of the Sound of Philadelphia

Creating the legacy Teddy Pendergrass deserves

Our BBC2 documentary about the late soul singer was tough to finance but spotlights his life and talent perfectly, says Olivia Lichtenstein

Laura Martin Robinson PD and dancer Skye Markey

Strictly Amy: a private battle with Crohn’s during lockdown

Strictly star’s personal account of the terrible disease for BBC1 Wales transformed into a love letter to ballroom, says Laura Martin Robinson


How BBC2’s Mountain Vets avoided Covid-19

We thought shooting the second series had been a challenge - then Covid turned up during the edit, says Edward Hart


Profiling Palin’s lifetime of travel

Firecrest had to navigate a sea of challenges to weave together the wanders of a TV great, says series producer and director Andrew Abbott

Dollan Cannell 1

Capturing C5’s Suspect No 1

Our police ob-doc series reveals the true nature of detectives’ work, says Dollan Cannell

Inside the Spitfire Factory

Bringing the Spitfire back into service

Our More 4 series Inside the Spitfore Factory wasn’t just about filming – we were recording history, says Ed Avern

October Films crew at ZSL London Zoo 2020 (c)ZSL (3)

Our time filming London Zoo: An Extraordinary Year

This ITV ob-doc portrays a surprising and heart-warming picture of life in pandemic-struck Britain, says Barnaby Peel

MODAK191017_BLUE_STILLS_CARD01_DSC00002 - Edited

Bringing the Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom to life

Gaining access to Walt Disney World Resort was an unforgettable experience - just don’t tell my kids, says Ash Potterton

Diene Petterle, Creative Director at DSP

In Cold Blood: exposing a scandal

Our ITV feature-doc exposes one of the most shocking and underreported stories in the UK’s history, says Marcus Plowright

BGT Semi Final 1-7

BGT: back in the spotlight

A socially-distanced studio couldn’t stop Thames’ entertainment smash from sparkling

2. Main Stage

Top Gear: back behind the wheel

The motoring format got a best-of-British makeover after lockdown threatened its BBC1 debut

Family Fortunes (3)

Family Fortunes: Reviving a popular gameshow

“It was important for us to produce a programme that didn’t feel like we were hindered by Covid-19 in any way”


The Third Day: Making a Sky original on a small Essex island

Predicting the tides was just one of the challenges faced by producer Adrian Sturges and his team

Walking with camera equiptment

Lost at Sea: our story of a father and forgotten hero

Louis Bird’s voyage of discovery about his ocean-crossing rower dad for Channel 4 had an emotional toll on us all, says Johnny Burke


A madcap dash through Europe making David Nicholls' Us

Our city-hopping drama production shoot had its own problems – and then Covid hit, says Hannah Pescod


Recreating Singapore from Malaysia

The climate was challenging but ITV’s The Singapore Grip was a joy to film, says Mammoth Screen’s Farah Abushwesha


Des: our story of the serial killer

Keeping the hand of producer and director out of our shoot was key to unlocking the story of this true-crime drama

EP Rebecca Hewett Sound Supervisor Martin Seweryn with Joanne McNally Bush Hall Theatre

Comedy Central at the Edinburgh Fringe: remote but live

Our plan to recreate the energy of the UK’s leading comedy festival was a technical challenge like no other, says Chris Jones

Lodgers for Codgers Ep1F

Lodgers for Codgers: bringing the generations together

We combined flatmate speed-dating with intergenerational mixing to create our funny and emotional series, says Maia Liddell

Dino Toybox 1

Opening up the Dino Toybox

Navigating a teething two-year-old was never going to be easy for our latest CBeebies dinosaur offering, says producer Paul Deane


Our Yorkshire Farm special: self-filmed in lockdown

A wholehearted effort from the Owen family created the footage for our lockdown episode, says Kate Fraser


Our journey into Fidel Castro’s Cuba

Co-producing the story of socialism in Cuba tested our journalistic skills to the limit, says Mick Gold

WhatsApp Image 2020-06-28 at 19.25.05

Cooking up a lockdown barbecue treat for Food Network

Covid-19 forced Blink Films to grill every decision when making Tom Kerridge Barbecues, says Simon Arnold


Finding the heart of The Real Eastenders

The Isle of Dogs has a magical aura and it was our challenge to represent that on screen, says Ashley Francis Roy


Building HGTV’s Weekend Workshop in lockdown

With productions halted and staff fighting effects of the virus, our DIY series for HGTV was a lifesaver, says Richard Osborne

Mummies with Linda - ​The Hunt for Cleopatra’s Tomb

Covid and Cleopatra: the story of C5’s Egyptian dig

Organising filming of a tomb excavation felt at times like the impossible puzzle, says Lucie Ridout


How Dragonfly filmed frontline paramedics during the pandemic

Safely and successfully following NHS workers during lockdown for Channel 4 impacted us all, says Peter Wallis-Tayler

Nolans Go Cruising 2

How the Nolans stayed in cruise control for Quest Red

The coronavirus put paid to several European excursions we’d planned for the Nolan sisters but we adapted, says Dimitri Nicomanis


How Rachel Khoo made a coronavirus era cooking show

Creating a Food Network series while self-isolating in a remote Swedish village was a unique experience, says celebrity chef Rachel Khoo

Night 3 - Selma march 3

America: Our Defining Hours - the production where nobody met

Nutopia used pre-cleansed drop kits, negotiated civil unrest and addressed the problems of front doorsteps to complete History’s lockdown doc

Trump in Tweets

Telling Trump’s tale through tweets for BBC3

Communicating ‘The Donald’s’ revolutionary method of speaking to the electorate was made all the harder by lockdown, says director Emeka Onono

Rob Greig

Clearing the way for C5's mega-landfill doc

We needed a full arsenal of kit to capture the best footage of a giant, dusty California landfill site, says Rob Greig

The School That Tried to End Racism behind the scenes pic

Behind the scenes at The School that Tried to End Racism

Our ob-doc mini-series about unconscious racial bias in children helped out production team understand more about themselves, says David DeHaney

Aztec Pyramid-260

Building a pyramid for C4

Constructing a real-life pyramid from scratch in Mexico was a unique TV challenge, says Bella Falk

cupcake Nikki

Nikki Lilly Bakes: truly a family affair

Our teenage baking star’s parents became vital members of our production, says Sarah Murch

Make Me Famous (20)

Dramatising the reality of fast fame

Reggie Yates’s drama exploration of reality TV feels like an urgent story to tell, says Sue Horth

Filming at the Saatchi Tutankhamun Exhibition cropped_ photographer Eleanor Ware

Bringing Tutankhamun to life in colour

We gathered the material for our colourised history doc just in time, says Paul Bradshaw

BTS The Queen and the Coup 4

Race against time to save our queen doc from lockdown

We were trying to gain access to film in Iran. Then lockdown piled on the pressure to finish our doc, says director Paul Elston

The Salisbury Poisonings iconic image

The Salisbury Poisonings: ‘an exploration of collateral damage’

Dancing Ledge MD Chris Carey tells Desiree Ibekwe about telling human stories behind the headlines - and his mission to nurture new writers

Dr Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet - Pandemic Emergency

Stitching together a lockdown special

How Double Act pivoted to adapt Animal Planet’s long-running series Dr Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet as a pandemic special

A Greek Odyssey with Bettany Hughes5

A Greek Odyssey with Bettany Hughes, C5

Series director Anna Thomson reveals the Herculean task of exploring Ancient and modern Greece amid a pandemic

Ocean_Autopsy_Helen Czerski working on the NIOZ Pelagia Research Vessel

Performing an Ocean Autopsy for BBC4

Our doc special for World Ocean Day contains shocking truths and entertaining reveals about the sea and its inhabitants, says Peter Collins


Crackit goes to A&E After Dark for C5

Our doc series spotlights the fantastic work of NHS staff and the threats of violence and abuse they endure during nightshifts, says Jon Connerty

Two Sisters One Body 5

Two Sisters One Body, Channel 4

The story of conjoined twins demanded we focus on their cultural and political lives – not just their medical condition, says Jack Macinnes

RHOCH Reunion Still - Broadcast

The Real Housewives of Cheshire: staging a virtual reunion

Lockdown did not temper the extravagant behaviour of the leads of our ITV Be reality soap, says David Granger


We Hunt Together, Alibi

Director and costume designer of UKTV drama on creating two worlds in one show

History 101

Making History 101 for Netflix

Our challenge was to expand the ‘explainer video’ format into an innovative and accessible major international SVoD series, says Bruce Kennedy

Cleaner at work

An intimate look at life during (and after) China's lockdown

Editing Coronavirus: Our Lockdown in Shanghai was like staring into the future for the team at Wonderhood Studios

Tony Slattery

What’s the Matter with Tony Slattery?, BBC2

Our scientific investigation into Bipolar became a personal journey into the comedian and actor’s mental health history, says Clare Richards

Ultimate Tag

Znak & Co plays Ultimate Tag with Fox

Rooted in child’s play but starring high-octane adults, our US sports-entertainment show combines action with humour, says Glenn Coomber

The Big Flower Fight

Arranging Netflix’s Big Flower Fight

MultiStory Media ran with SVoD’s ambition to create a horticulture competition series of scale and whimsy

Work on the Wild Side Rachel Care For Wild

Work on the Wild Side, Channel 4

Our daytime conservation series highlights the crisis in Africa’s natural world and nothing would stop us telling the story, says Jannine Waddell

Walking with Elephants 3

Walking with Elephants, Channel 4

Levison Wood’s latest journey into the African Savannah was dangerous and full of uncertainty, but that was the point, says Alexis Girardet

The Fantastical Factory of Curious Craft

The Fantastical Factory of Curious Craft, Channel 4

We tapped into the Instagram generation’s obsession with crafting to create a reality show for everybody, says Andrew Cartmell

Hour of Duty - PC Andrew Hardy from Derbyshire Constabulary

Police: Hour of Duty, Channel 5

Filming police stories across a single hour poses challenges our crew had never faced before, says Tom Clarke


Trying: the lowdown on Apple TV+’s first UK series

Balancing laughs and emotion in Apple TV+’s comedy series was key to revealing the truth about Britain’s adoption system, says Jim O’Hanlon


The extraordinary story behind Normal People

Director Lenny Abrahamson and executive producer Ed Guiney reveal their experiences pulling together BBC3’s romantic drama to Desiree Ibekwe


Gangs of London, Sky Atlantic

Film director Gareth Evans was adamant that this sprawling crime saga had to be a TV series - with stunts put front and centre, Gabriel Tate discovers

What's It Like to Catch Coronavirus 03

​What’s It Like to Catch Coronavirus?, Channel 4

YouTube-style tutorials in self-shooting helped bring out the personal stories of sufferers - including our presenter, say Nick Godwin and James Routh

The Cafe

The Café, Sky 1

Shooting Ralf Little’s Sky 1 series on location in Weston-super-Mare was a pleasure compared with working in London, says Susie Liggat.

Births Hirez-4159

Life and Birth: how Dragonfly created BBC1’s childbirth doc

Known for a popular fixed rig childbirth series, our latest take on the format had to deliver fresh insights, says Dragonfly’s Tom Currie


Too Hot To Handle: ‘we were inspired by Seinfeld’

Talkback’s debut Netflix commission offers a light-hearted take on abstinence at a time when most under-25s are suffering terrible ‘blue balls’


Devs: the making of BBC2’s FX drama

We dodged the coronavirus lockdown, but producing our sci-fi drama still posed several challenges, says Allon Reich

Interior revealed holes in vaulting

Rebuilding Notre-Dame: Inside the Great Cathedral Rescue, BBC4

Gaining access to the huge efforts to salvage the Paris landmark threw up challenges we could never have imagined, says Joby Lubman

Quiz courtroom scene

Quiz: uncovering the drama behind a TV scandal

The news told one version of the ‘coughing major’ TV scandal but James Graham wanted to reveal a different story, he tells Jesse Whittock


How OT Fagbenle brought Maxxx to E4

OT and Luti Fagbenle refused to cut financial corners and made bold choices to bring their comedy to life, they tell Gabriel Tate

BTS The Snow Spider - Nia, Dewi (Jonah), Alun,Jenny (Director) Gary (Macsen), Gwyn  -9

The Snow Spider, CBBC/BBC Wales

‘We wanted our adaptation to do justice to the original trilogy, so we made a conscious effort to give it a Welsh voice and sense of wonderment’


The Nest, BBC1

On the set of Nicole Taylor’s latest drama


On The Edge, Channel 4

Back for its second series, C4’s strand provides an opportunity for new writers and directors from all walks of life, says Ben Bickerton


The Station: Trouble on the Tracks, ITV

We couldn’t plan for everything but smart thinking kept our train doc on course, says Jon Cowen

20191107_120413 (1)[2]

New Scotland Yard Files, CBS Reality

Our journey through some of Britain’s most intriguing murder investigations had to be gripping, unique and entertaining, says Sarah-Jane Cohen

5 Guys A Week Ep1C

How C4 got Five Guys a Week

By speeding up the dating process and handing women the power, Label1 offers a fresh, romantic take on the genre


The Heat is On: Sport Relief, BBC1

From one extreme to another

HYWI  Screen Glue 4

Hey You! What If..., CBBC

Making clever compromises was key to creating our madcap scripted science series for CBBC, says Jasper James

Background L-R  Akis Petretzikis, Anna Haugh, Romy Gill, Ellis Barrie, Mike Reid

Ready Steady Cook, BBC1

Cooking on a budget with limited time is as relevant as ever, says Cat Lawson

18 V1-0032_DAKOTA02201457_R

How Nutopia made Babies for Netflix

Finding scientists who met our exacting criteria was our biggest challenge


What Harry Redknapp did last summer

Behind the scenes on Harry Redknapp’s Sandbanks Summer

Mind Yourself 2

Mind Yourself, Snap

Understanding both the needs of vulnerable contributors and the intricacies of the Snap platform was vital to our short-form doc series, says Alex Morris

Mountain_Rescued_Noah Devereux

Rescued, National Geographic: Real drama caught on camera

We have found a completely new way to approach the survival genre, says Lucie Ridout


Warship: Life At Sea, Channel 5 - a front-row seat to history

We didn’t expect to be sent to the Gulf to witness an international stand-off first hand, says Mark Tattersall


How we shed light on the nocturnal world

From orcas to ocelots, advances in camera technology allowed us to capture the night-time habits of some elusive animals, says Bill Markham

Frankie Boyle's Tour of Scotland Frankie smiling at Glencoe (1)

When Frankie goes to Scotland

With Tom Weir and Billy Connolly as inspiration, Frankie Boyle wanted to deliver his own unique take on the TV travelogue, says Mick McAvoy

Auschwitz women

Bringing home the horrors of the Holocaust

Colourising Nazi atrocities was a decision not made lightly, but we have a duty to keep the story in the present say the producers of this More 4 film

Win the Wilderness (8)

Win The Wilderness: Alaska, BBC2

White-knuckle flights, roaming bears and constant daylight were just some of the challenges faced by the makers of this Twofour series

Don't Scream (9)

Don’t Scream, BBC3

Creating fear and fun was the name of the game for our BBC3 reality show, says Simon Knight


7.7 Billion People & Counting, BBC2

What we discovered filming our doc about humanity’s population boom changed the way we think and produce TV forever, says Charlie Russell


Crazy Delicious: cooking up a tasty new format

Experts from the worlds of entertainment, food and competition shows have created a cross-genre series that channels Willy Wonka, says Nicola Pointer


Inside The Masked Singer

How Bandicoot got on the front foot in snapping up the Korean format for the UK before it blew up in the US

Catching A Killer 4

Catching a Killer: A Diary From the Grave, C4

Our clandestine investigation into the murder of two elderly people was an emotional experience, says Jess Stevenson

First and Last 4

First & Last, BBC1

We instinctively knew a blend of innovative games and silliness would define our gameshow, says Peter Holmes


This Is Our Family, Sky Atlantic

Little Gem takes the long view on family life


Meat the Family, Channel 4

Our attempt to bring warmth and pathos to a potentially dry subject was a steep learning curve for all of us - man and beast, says Juliet Rice

PD Charlie farmer Ally harvest

Born Mucky: Life on the Farm, Quest

Patience and diligence were key to capturing agricultural life in our ob-doc, says Mark Beech


Top 10 Behind The Scenes of 2019

Shooting in VR for Your Home Made Perfect; working for Netflix on After Life and Top Boy; and capturing the truth of Aleppo in For Sama

Ski A&E 13

Ski A&E, W

Our medical ob doc crew needed the skills of pro skiers and the shooting abilities of Hollywood directors, say John Quinn and Sean Doherty


Chris Packham: Plant a Tree to Save the World, Channel 5

Pulling together a celebrity event for climate change in just five weeks was a worthwhile challenge, says Andy Dunn


The Mallorca Files, BBC1

On set with the show that’s moving the goalposts for daytime drama

ARCHIVE - Osmond Retirement Sissinghurst '67-68 - Supplied by David Waters

My Grandparents’ War, Channel 4

Exploring a shared war history


Vienna Blood, BBC2/ORF/ZDF

Capturing the spirit of a unique time and place


The War Of The Worlds, BBC1

Sci-fi classic returns to its roots


What Makes A Murderer, Channel 4

Having colleagues with a prison background helped built genuine trust with nervous contributors

BTS the country walk

The Cockfields, Gold

Why shooting during the wettest June on record brought some unexpected benefits, says executive producer Lucy Lumsden

The final resin figurines were used to portray the characters in the film

Animating life and death decisions

Migration is a challenging subject to convey accessibly. Our approach cuts to the global chase, says Osbert Parker


Canal Boat Diaries, BBC4

To get down and dirty with life on a barge, Robbie Cumming filmed and edited practically all of his series onboard via his iPhone

Inside the Supermarket 1.png

Inside the Supermarket, BBC1

Open and honest conversations with Sainsbury’s allowed us to film serious and fun stories for our series, says Anoushka Roberts


47 Summits: Huw Jack Brassington’s Challenge, S4C

How a storm threw our plans into chaos and quickly turned into the most challenging shoot of my life, says Huw Erddyn

Later with Jools Holland 3

Later… with Jools Holland: reinventing a BBC2 staple

Going through a tender process forced us to consider what worked and what needed updating on the famous music performance series, says Alison Howe


Guilt, BBC Scotland/BBC2

Putting BBC Scotland on the map for drama

Undercover Girlfriends - Girlfriends dressed as hens

Undercover Girlfriends, C5

Hiding our contestants’ partners in a next-door villa was no easy feat, says Colin May

Courtney in the street taking part in ‘Stand for Self-Love’ in Oxford

Who Are You Calling Fat?, BBC2

Filming a revealing doc series about the concept of ‘fat’ will change perceptions and inform national debate, says Sara Ramsden

Campfire - Photo by Matas Astrauskas

Killer Camp, ITV2

Enfusing comedy into our reality horror whodunnit in a wet forest in Lithuania was an unforgettable experience, says James Donkin


For Sama, Channel 4/PBS

Living on the frontline of the war in Syria

Danny Dyer

The Wall, BBC1

Scaling new gameshow heights


Zomboat!, ITV2/Hulu

How I became a zombie killer


Catherine The Great, Sky Atlantic/HBO

Retelling history with scale and intimacy

China's Greatest Treasures 1

China’s Greatest Treasures, BBC World News/CCTV

With unprecedented access to China’s museums and artefacts, our co-production taught us that the right local partners are key to pulling off a challenging shoot, says Charlotte Jones

©YAMI 2_2019_TIANANMEN_© AGENCE VU - Manuel Vimenet_4

BBC4: Tiananmen – The People v the Party

Co-producing our doc on the deadly 1989 Chinese student protests with French partners with challenging but rewarding, says Ed Stobart

FEED_Ep3_Michelle Fairley as Meredith © Studio Lambert and all3media international (3)

The Feed, Virgin Media/Amazon

Building a brave new world


Temple, Sky 1

Going underground in style on a Norwegian drama adaptation


Top Boy, Netflix

Bringing back his gritty drama, writer Ronan Bennett wanted to show the reality of life in a corner of London without glamourising it


MotoGP: Full throttle action

Covering the Silverstone MotoGP race meeting for BT Sport is a mammoth operation for North One, with 26 hours of live outside broadcast over three days

Born to be Wild Cameraman Fergus Gill filming Born to be Wild

Born To Be Wild, BBC2/BBC Scotland

Providing a fresh perspective on British wildlife

Capture (3)

The Capture, BBC1

Putting video evidence on trial

Hairy Bikers Route 66 BTS (1)

Hairy Bikers Route 66, BBC2

As the Hairy Bikers rode the iconic highway, we wanted to film unexpected moments rather than an endless stream of diners, says producer Dick Sharman

Singletown1 (2)

Singletown, ITV2

Putting couples to the love test

Dark Crystal38

The Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance, Netflix

Puppet show for the 21st century


Mobeen Azhar on the story behind the crime that shook America

Using old-fashioned British charm and guile allowed us to tell the story of A Black and White Killing for BBC2, says the writer and presenter


Diagnosis, Netflix

Turning a famous New York Times column into a doc series for Netflix was an enormous but worthwhile challenge, says Alex Braverman

Dads Army crew 0376

Dad’s Army: The Lost Episodes, Gold

Recreating a slice of TV history

Jessican North shooting FOS on the patio

The Rap Game, BBC3

Executive producer Tom O’Brien reveals the challenge of translating a grassroots ‘music-first’ world into formatted TV

Mattresses CH and GW

Inside the Factory, BBC2

Executive producer Amanda Lyon on the military levels of organisation required to produce the popular Voltage series

Ep3 Jamie Flynn and Peter Keith Filming

Sacred Wonders, BBC1

Exploring faith across the globe

Jannette Hodds filming

The Best Little Prison in Britain?, ITV

Our series focused on inmates who we could all identify with and a jail where the key aim was rehabilitation, says Rebecca Mulraine


Behind the Scenes: taking The Chef’s Brigade around the world

Following celebrity chef Jason Atherton into Michelin-starred kitchens for our food-meets-travelogue show was hot work, says Dominique Foster


I Am, Channel 4

When going off script makes better drama


Stargazing: Moon Landing Special, BBC2

When Donald Trump shut down the US government, our tightly scheduled production almost got stuck on the launch pad


The Left Behind, BBC3/BBC1

How real life shaped our gig economy drama

Graham infusion

Filming with human guinea pigs

War in the Blood director Arthur Cary on the challenge of covering the human impact of a scientific breakthrough

Robbie Jacks Nicolas II abdicates the throne

The Last Czars, Netflix

Making a drama doc fit for a king

Fred Michel Paris cropped

Remarkable Places to Eat, BBC2

Filming in the world’s most exclusive restaurants, we had to be meticulously organised to avoid getting in the way of service, says Katy Fryer

Atlanta HQ

The Secrets Of Coca-Cola: The Billion Dollar Beverage, Channel 5

Lifting the lid on Coke’s secret formula

Group 3N0B0819

Big In The Valleys, BBC3

Sizing up the obesity problem

Beecham House 30_8_18 high-0771

Beecham House, ITV

Emma Cox meets writer/director Gurinder Chadha and finds out about the joys and trials of shooting in India

C22_101_PS6097 03429RT_f

George Clooney: Authority is to be made fun of

With their adaptation of Joseph Heller’s classic novel about to air on Channel 4 as a six-part series, George Clooney and Grant Heslov tell Gabriel Tate why the story is still relevant

Dave Hamil and Taron Allison (sound)

The 1900 Island, BBC1 Wales/BBC2

Turning back the clock to a simpler time


Drain The Oceans, National Geographic

Making archaeology accessible and fun by taking a ‘cinematic and tabloid’ approach to reveal what lies beneath the waves

Good Omens 5

Good Omens, BBC/Amazon

Staying true to the original vision of the book was key to creating our co-production, says Douglas Mackinnon


Galdem Sugar, BBC3

A small team and tight turnaround helped give our constructed reality grime series an authentic voice, says series producer Dinkesh Miesuria

Charlene's parents, Karen and Robert Downes at Charlene's plaque during a photoshoot

The Murder of Charlene Downes, Channel 5

Investigating a 15-year investigation into a teen girl’s disappearance forced us to embrace complex working practices, says Yonni Usiskin


Killer Ratings, Netflix

A real-life TV murder mystery


Summer Of Rockets, BBC2

Taking Britain back to the Cold War


Mum, BBC2

The main characters have come to the end of their journey and – I hope – revealed a few truths about life along the way, says Stefan Golaszewski


Sex on the Couch, BBC3

Watching couples’ sex therapy sessions was a real privilege and a production challenge, says Caroline Short


Chernobyl, Sky Atlantic

Exploring the fallout from a nuclear disaster


Banged Up: Teens Behind Bars, Channel 4

Tough love for troubled teens


Flinch, Netflix

Pain is the name of the game


Hostile Planet, National Geographic

Stories of survival against the odds


Moominvalley, Sky 1

Kids’ classic for all the family


Ghosts, BBC1

How Danny Dyer and Beetlejuice inspired the Horrible Histories team’s lurch onto primetime BBC1

Chimerica Ep 1 64

Chimerica, Channel 4

Putting Trump’s America in focus

Naked Beach copy[2][2][3][2]

Naked Beach, Channel 4

Our first series aims to normalise the naked body through prime-time television, says Rosie Bray

Life After Lock-Up  EP2 Tracey 3

Life After Lock-Up, Channel 4

Meeting former prison inmates on the day of their release was nothing like I had imagined, says Lee Phillips


The Victim, BBC1

Telling both sides of the story


World's Busiest Train Stations, Channel 5

Having insider knowledge of the railway industry helped keep our series on track, says Tim Pritchard


Pilgrimage: The Road To Rome, BBC2

Following eight celebrities on an epic journey across Europe to meet Pope Francis was an emotional experience, says Caroline Matthews

17 Sean Scully Karate workout ©2018Nick Willing

Unstoppable: Sean Scully and the Art of Everything, BBC2

Finding a way to show the complete picture of the Irish artist’s extraordinary life was crucial to our doc, says Nick Willing

Mimi at Nemo science museum sex IQ test_penis question

Mimi on a Mission: Sex Ed, BBC iPlayer

Taking seven teens to the Netherlands for a week-long sex education fact-finding mission was quite the eye-opening journey, says Danni Davis

Priyanka and Simon Biles on Venice Beach

If I Could Tell You Just One Thing, YouTube

Filming Priyanka Chopra Jonas interview famous faces in LA proved to be more challenging than it sounds, says Sally Freeman


Border Country, BBC NI / BBC4

Uncovering a century of extraordinary archive granted us a deep well of stories that brought the story of the Irish border to life, says James Rogan

Who's Getting Rich from Moroccan Hash l to r Presenter Emir Nader and director Karim Shah

Who's Getting Rich From Moroccan Hash?, BBC Arabic

Foreign journalists are not welcome in the cannabis farming communities of Morocco. It took weeks just to find a fixer, writes Emir Nader


Sarah Beeny’s Renovate Don’t Relocate, Really/W

Cutting-edge production techniques helped our series show why homeowners are choosing not to move, says Laura Mansfield

19. P9140109cropped

Hurricane Man, Dave

Caught in the eye of the storm

The mums get advice from Erika Lust. From left to right - Erika Lust, Anita, Emma, Sarah Louise, Firecracker camera crew

Mums Make Porn, Channel 4

The mother of all porn shoots

Episodic still3

101 Dalmatian Street, Disney Channels EMEA

Reanimating a Disney classic

The Choir Our School By The Tower

The Choir: Our School By The Tower, BBC2

Giving school kids affected by the Grenfell Tower fire freedom to express themselves was key to our story, says Ben Rumney

AFTERLIFE_EP01_D33-034_R (1)

Ricky Gervais on After Life

‘I’ve always found bleak funny’


Say Yes To The Dress Lancashire, TLC

A perfect fit for location, cast and talent

James Anderson, Director of Photography 2

Race Across The World, BBC2

Taking a trip into the unknown

Critical Condition 5

Critical Condition, Channel 5

Finding a fresh angle on the hospital format


Traitors, Channel 4

Spy vs spy in a divided Britain

Windrush Monologue Cyrus 10th December 2018-3117

Soon Gone: A Windrush Chronicle, BBC4

Exploring the past from the front room

Anna Paquin, plays Lydia

Flack, W

Shining a light on the dark arts

Skint Britain Friends Without Benefits TamsynTrevorTracey

Skint Britain: Friends Without Benefits, C4

Juxtaposing Westminster rhetoric with the reality of poverty unlocked uncomfortable truths about a pressing social issue, says David Hodgkinson

Damian Le Bas by the RiverEden at Appleby, Cumbria, during its horse fair June 2018

A Very British History, BBC4

Giving a voice to hidden Britain


Tagged, BBC3

Gaining access to chaotic lives

Under the Wire

Storyville: Under The Wire, BBC4

A war of nerves and emotions


Pure, Channel 4

Tackling mental health in a comedy show


Shipwrecked: Relaunching the original island reality show

The genre has moved on since the show last aired – but stunning locations and a terrific cast will help us rise to the challenge, says Kate Bates

Steph and Dom Parker 13 copy

Steph and Dom: Can Cannabis Save Our Son?, Channel 4

Over several months of embedded filming, executive producer Jon Lloyd and producer/director Erica Gornall saw a whole new side to the Gogglebox pair


Medici: The Magnificent, Netflix

Returning to the renaissance


Your Home Made Perfect, BBC2

Redesigning the property show

Bob Fosse 1 credit Alamy Stock Photo

Bob Fosse: It's Showtime, Sky Arts

Exploring the life of a film and dance legend

Flirty Dancing S1 Ashley Banjo Ep1.33.11

Flirty Dancing, Channel 4

Putting a spring in the step of dating shows


The Paras: Men Of War, ITV

Revealing the human being under the beret

Brexit The Uncivil War 5 Nick Wall

Brexit: The Uncivil War, C4

James Graham on how his political drama tries to make sense of the EU vote from all perspectives


Jeremy Wade’s Mighty Rivers, ITV

Planning for every eventuality was the key to telling the stories of rivers around the world, says Lannah McAdam

The biggest little railway in the world

Top 10 Behind The Scenes of 2018

Under the bonnet of shows including The Heist, Judge Romesh and We Are British Jews. Click for the pick of the year’s Behind the Scenes

WWTBAM_UK_ITV_S1_2018_Best Of_11

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?, ITV

New format points and a refreshed approach helped retool ITV’s classic format, says Fiona Clark


The Long Song, BBC1

Taking the long road back to the days of slavery

My Family Secrets Revealed 6 - Copy

My Family Secrets Revealed, Channel 4

We beat The Beast from the East to create C4’s ‘democratised DNA’ daytime series, says Jane Kelly

Ian Wright and Viv Anderson

Out Of Their Skin, ITV

Balancing celebration of achievement and scrutiny of progress was essential when exploring the history of black English football, says Gabriel Clarke


Babies: Their Wonderful World, BBC2

Putting babies under the microscope

Enterprice_s2-460 copy

Enterprice, BBC3

Writer Kayode Ewumi on why he doesn’t want his long-form BBC3 debut to be defined as a ‘black show’


Torvill and Dean, ITV

The icy path to Olympic glory


Origin, YouTube Premium

Left Bank Pictures takes a journey into deep space

SP, DN, Daniel Mays, Michael Timney (DoP), Stuart Graham

The Interrogation of Tony Martin, Channel 4

Crime drama that sticks to the script

Beat The Internet 6

Beat The Internet, Dave

It might surprise you that Vice Studios produced UKTV’s latest gameshow, says Dan Louw


The Heist, Sky 1

A real-life game of cops and robbers

Norah Quartey

Alone At Home, Channel 4

Meredith Chambers describes the challenge of filming children trying to cope without their parents


I'll Get This, BBC2

Celebrity dinner guests sing for their supper

Me filming on phone pic

The time machine in your pocket

The intimacy and ubiquity of smartphones make them ideal for telling personal stories, argue Victoria Mapplebeck and Adam Gee

Inside No 9 Live crew

Inside No. 9 Live: staging a Halloween prank

Executive producer Adam Tandy lifts the lid on the delicate staging of BBC Studios’ elaborate hoax

Blindboy Undestroys The World 2

Blindboy Undestroys The World: Housing, BBC3

Merging current affairs and comedy requires good old-fashioned journalism, says Charlie Mole

Hitler’s Holocaust Railway With Chris Tarrant 6

Hitler’s Holocaust Railways With Chris Tarrant, C5

Finding the right testimony was key to retelling of these harrowing WWII stories, says Paul Kittel

GBBO Briony Williams, Ric Clark- Cameraman

The ingredients for a Great British success

The Love Productions megahit is now on its second series for Channel 4, but it remains a tricky recipe to pull off

The First

The First, Channel 4/Hulu

Drama that reaches for the stars

Ep1 Bi Life 9

The Bi Life, E!

Breaking the dating show mould


Emma Willis: Delivering Babies, W

Taking baby steps on the maternity ward


In My Skin, BBC3

Nerys Evans found herself working on home soil in Wales for the first time on Expectation’s debut scripted show

Last Chance Lawyer NYC 4

Last Chance Lawyer, BBC2

We embraced the chaos of our larger-than-life character, but working with a born performer has its challenges, says Barnaby Peel


The Bisexual, Channel 4

Katie Carpenter on the many hurdles faced in producing an authentic take on London life

Britain's War of Thrones The Hundred Years War

The Hundred Years War with Dan Jones, History Channel

Tailoring history to different audiences


The Big Audition, ITV

Twenty Twenty puts the audition process in the spotlight


Impossible Builds, More 4

The highs and lows of building your own home


New Order: Decades, Sky Arts

Entering the world of New Order


Sick of It, Sky 1

In his first scripted role, Karl Pilkington proved his acting chops by playing the main character and his alter ego, says Richard Yee

The Cry

The Cry, BBC1

Making drama by Aussie rules


DIY SOS: Grenfell, BBC1

The scale and sensitivity of our latest build required a different approach to usual, says executive producer Robi Dutta

Colombia seeds

DHL: Delivering the World, Channel 5

To capture the complex journeys of packages around the world, I needed a Tardis to carry all my equipment, says Paul Kittel


We Are British Jews, BBC2

A journey of discovery


Vanity Fair, ITV

Contemporary take on a Victorian classic

Mighty Redcar BTS

The Mighty Redcar, BBC2

Giving a voice to an isolated community

Romesh Ranganathan

Judge Romesh, Dave

Laying down the law for Dave

02 Youven

The Foreign Doctors Are Coming, Channel 4

Following the foreign medics who are helping to plug the NHS shortage

Randy and Bob testing the 4G kit

Yellowstone Live, Nat Geo

Finding the right location among the vast Rocky Mountains was the primary challenge, says Plimsoll’s James Smith

5 PD Jamie Hammick and AP Alex Levitschi making sure everyone who appears on camera signs a release form!

Amazing Interiors, Netflix

Rising to the SVoD challenge


Behind the scenes: Lucky Man, Sky 1

Where ancient and modern worlds collide


Capturing the reality of life behind bars

Behind the scenes on the Channel 4/Spring Films doc Prison


Becca's Bunch, Nickelodeon

Hatching an idea for kids’ TV


The Challenge: Everest, CNN International

A rapid ascent to the top of the world

XXPorters in training as sound, camera and drone operators

Lost Kingdom of the Yeti, Animal Planet

Epic trek in search of an elusive beast

Bobby Photo 1

Bobby Robson - More Than A Manager

‘Where do I begin, to tell the story of a greater love than this?’


Before Grenfell - A Hidden History, BBC2

Revealing the roots of tragedy


Big Beasts: Last of the Giants, Sky 1

Never work with animals without a risk appraisal

Group 170809_TheDames_Keo_108849

Nothing Like a Dame, BBC2

When four doyennes of British stage and screen gather to talk about their life experiences, it’s best just to let the cameras roll, says Anthony Wall


Capturing the sound of Africa

Behind the scenes on BBC4’s A Journey into Music

When David met David 02

Attenborough in 360 degrees

Before we captured the great man as a hologram, we first needed to test the technology on his trademark shirt, says John Cassy


Britain's Best Home Cook, BBC1

How do you create a sustainable production when you have 30 kitchen appliances running at once? Rosa Brough explains

Road to Palmyra, 050 ©  Bright Yellow FilmsOxford Films, behind the scenes

“Filming in Syria would not be easy”

BBC4 takes a journey into the danger zone


Behind the scenes: Heathrow: Britain's Busiest Airport

Breathing new life into an old favourite


Cocaine: Britain's Epidemic, Channel 5

Avoiding glamourisation, protecting anonymity and ensuring the team’s safety: William Fairman on the challenges of making drugs docs


Steve Backshall vs The Monster Mountain, CBBC

Scaling new heights for kids’ TV

180124 fatberg autopsy31242

Fatberg Autopsy: Secrets Of The Sewers, Channel 4

Flushing out the secrets of London’s sewers

The split final 15491290 15491280

The Split, BBC1

Why Abi Morgan’s drama is a celebration of female talent

For sally

The Queen's Green Planet, ITV

When the Queen met TV royalty

Franz and kai

My Multiple Personalities and Me, 5 Star

Casting someone with a condition that affects just 1% of the population was no small order, says Kerry Brierley

Conspiracy files

Conspiracy Files: Murder in Washington, BBC2

Cutting through the misinformation around an unsolved crime was a sharp lesson in how modern media works, says Charlie Mole

Kiss me first motion capture behind scenes mf5 b0936 copy

Kiss Me First, Channel 4/Netflix

Creating a TV drama fit for the digital age

High and dry 110392

High & Dry, Channel 4

Feeling the heat on a paradise island


Britain's Polar Bear Club, Channel 4

Waiting for a Christmas delivery

Bts gkh2 144

The Good Karma Hospital, ITV

On the Sri Lankan set of Tiger Aspect’s hospital drama

Bts save me (5)

Save Me, Sky Atlantic

A mission to create a drama like no other

15075997 high res troy fall of a city

Troy: Fall Of A City, BBC1

Where other takes on the seige of Troy focus on the Greeks, this BBC1 version puts the Trojans centre stage. Gabriel Tate meets the producers

Faye McCarthy at Good Housekeeping magazine

The Job Interview, Channel 4

Working with big brands provided new challenges and rewards, according to series producer Genna Gibson

999 nhs rescue squad2

999 Rescue Squad, W

Our drone proved invaluable in capturing the aftermath of stabbings, a murder, fires and accidents, says Matt Richards


Murder, Mystery and My Family, BBC1

Going back to the scene of the crime

Lottie gammon and paul fishwick

Flatpack Empire

How Raw TV unpacked a retail giant


Holocaust: The Revenge Plot

Battling Nazi overload for a thrilling tale

01 03 britannia

Britannia, Sky Atlantic

On set in the Czech Republic with Jez Butterworth’s offbeat Celtic drama

Yianni supercar customiser

Yianni: Supercar Customiser, Dave

From UKTV’s underground car park to top of the schedule

Selection 1

Goblin Works Garage, Quest

A car show that’s not just for petrolheads

Uktv 45582257908

Into The Fire, Really

Heat-resistant helmet cams helped our firefighters to take us into places far too dangerous for any TV crew, says Jon Peck

The biggest little railway in the world

The Biggest Little Railway in the World, Channel 4

Bringing military discipline to a major engineering challenge

Gunpowder kit harrington

Top 10 behind the scenes of 2017

Under the bonnet of shows including Gunpowder, Little Boy Blue and Just Tattoo of Us

14881286 high the real t.rex with chris packham

The Real T-Rex With Chris Packham, BBC2

Putting flesh on the bones of the T.rex story

Prince purple rain era

Prince: Last Year of a Legend, Channel 4

Behind the scenes on the documentary looking at the life and death of a superstar

14644997 high

Island Medics, BBC1

Finding TV treasure on a remote island

C hinese burn 1 8

Chinese Burn, BBC3

Breaking down stereotypes on a budget

Raped my story title image

Raped: My Story, Channel 5

Lambent Productions investigation into the stories behind the statistics

! ned wakes up still10

Broadcast TECH - December 2017

How Jellyfish created a Neanderthal

Top knot index

The Boy with the Topknot, BBC2

‘The brownest BBC drama ever’

Kieran d2

Lifers Behind Bars; Violent Men: Behind Bars, Channel 4

No amount of training can prepare you for the strangeness of prison life, says director Matt Pinder


Sky Arts Passions: Philip Larkin by Andrew Motion

Our tribute to the poet took us to sex shops, pubs, schools and the streets of Hull, says writer/director Cris Warren

Angry, white and american

Angry, White and American, Channel 4

Assistant producer Paddy Duff on shining a light on modern-day America

Motherland 080817 ch 1425

Motherland, BBC2

Difficult birth of a comedy with four parents

Uktv 44647285603

Murder On The Blackpool Express, Gold

Northern twist on a classic whodunnit

Bts 8 days that made rome

Eight Days That Made Rome, Channel 5

Drama-doc approach recounting the history of Rome

X director david howard dop tony yates

Voice of a Serial Killer, CBS Reality

Giving a human face to evil

Final 14211208 14211198

Gunpowder, BBC1

Kudos producer Ollie Madden on telling the real story of the Gunpowder Plot

Bad habits episode1 08

Bad Habits, Holy Orders, C5

Crackit convinces five social media-obsessed girls to put down their smartphones and move into a convent for a month

Celeb hunted

Celebrity Hunted, C4

Going on the run with celebrities

Escape ep1 b

Escape, Channel 4

Taking engineering to extremes

Billion Dollar Deals, BBC2

Billion Dollar Deals, BBC2

Behind the scenes with Jacques Peretti on his latest exposé

Rex Anklyo

Broadcast TECH Sept/Oct

Milk VFX unveils the huge range of VFX shots it created for Dinosaurs In The Wild


Drugsland, BBC3

Capturing the chaos of Britain’s drugs problem

Porters 2

Porters, Dave

If at first you don’t succeed, keep the faith

WW2's Great Escapes the Freedom Trails

WWII's Great Escapes: The Freedom Trails, C4

Retracing the escape routes of Allied forces

Cannonball ep1 11

Cannonball, ITV

Making a splash in the world of TV gameshows

Back to life

Bring Me Back To Life, Channel 4

Unlike other hospital docs, we wanted our film to focus entirely on the patient rather than the doctors and nurses. But we had no idea how personal it would become, says Graeme McAulay

Diana funeral893

Diana – The Day Britain Cried, ITV

Exec Sue Summers on turning a lack of royal access to her advantage

Human is 0047

Electric Dreams, Channel 4/Amazon

How Sony’s ‘all-star producing team’ created Philip K Dick’s imaginary worlds

No More Boys and Girls

No More Boys and Girls; BBC2

Can gender-neutral education improve equality?

Delhi Cops

Delhi Cops, Channel 4

Filming with the police in India’s most dangerous city

Out of Thin Air

Out of Thin Air: Murder In Iceland, BBC4

A 40 year-old unsolved mystery

Catching The Tax Dodgers

Catching The Tax Dodgers, Channel 4

Revealing the work of a famous but secretly guarded institution

The State

The State, Channel 4

Confronting the horrors of ISIS


EasyJet: Inside The Cockpit, ITV

Flying blind with trainee crew

Accidental Anarchist

Accidental Anarchist: Life Without Government, BBC4

On the frontline with an unlikely revolutionary

SIr Ian McKellen and Sir Derek Jacobi

50 Years Legal, Sky Arts

Joining the cause for a labour of love

Earth Live

Earth Live, National Geographic

‘Like Springwatch on steroids’

The Zoo, CBBC

The Zoo, CBBC

Turning zoo life into animal magic


Casualty, BBC1

Dial 999 for non-stop drama

Theresa v Boris

Theresa vs Boris: How May Became PM

The very epitome of a political drama

The Crystal Maze

The Crystal Maze, Channel 4

A new twist on a cult classic

Pitch Battle

Pitch Battle, BBC1

Series producer Gareth Davis on working in harmony to hit the right note


24 Hours In Police Custody

Capturing the drama of real police work

Catching a Killer

Catching a Killer, Channel 4

Challenges of filiming with a Major Crime Unit

The Beatles, Hippies and Hells Angels

The Beatles, Hippies and Hells Angels, Sky Atlantic

The Beatles, Hippies and Hells Angels

Beatles, Hippies and Hells Angels

GALLERY: The Beatles, Hippies and Hells Angels

Nerd TV has unearthed a selection of classic images from the Apple offices and created a series of animations to tell the inside story of the Beatles record label.

Where in the World

Where in the World?, CBeebies

A unique portrait of childhood


Secrets of the Super Elements, BBC4

Shooting an entire programme on smartphones

Inside the Gang, Channel 5

Inside the Gang, Channel 5

Showing the true diversity of gang culture

The Trial

The Trial: A Murder In the Family

The case of the first TV murder trial

A Time to Live

A Time To Live, BBC2

Celebrating life in the face of terminal illness

Hospital People

Hospital People, BBC1

Reality bursts the TV bubble


Inside the Freemasons, Sky

What 21st century men get out of being a Mason


Little Boy Blue, ITV

The story behind the headlines

Born to Kill

Born to Kill, Channel 4

Inside the mind of a killer

The Repair Shop, BBC2

The Repair Shop, BBC2

Building a studio from scratch in the middle of a field

Just Tattoo of Us

Just Tattoo of Us, MTV

Making a mark with millennials


Harlots, ITV Encore

Putting women at the heart of the story

A Killing in My Family

A Killing in My Family, C4

A child’s view of trauma


Mutiny, Channel 4

High drama on the high seas

Extremely British Muslims

Extremely British Muslims, C4

Entering the UK’s ‘no-go zone’

Libya's Migrant Hell

Ross Kemp: Libya’s Migrant Hell, Sky 1

A matter of life and death in the Middle East

The Trouble with Dad

The Trouble With Dad, C4

Blurred lines between our subject’s dementia and his ‘true’ personality made for a difficult shoot



When the Nazis won the war

Andrew Marr: My Brain and Me

Andrew Marr: My Brain and Me, BBC2

The presenter agreed to our doc on one condition: he wouldn’t cry for the camera

Gap Year

Gap Year, E4

As we filmed in crowded Vietnamese markets and Thai temples, we had to be ready to switch locations at short notice if permission to film in China finally came through, says Joel Wilson

Kenzey The Accused

The Accused, Channel 5

Insight of a trial of a mother accused of failing to protect her baby from a violent assault by her boyfriend.

The Cult Next Door, BBC2

The Cult Next Door, BBC2

Sleight of hand in the edit helped illustrate this extraordinary story


Hospital, BBC2

Weeks to examine the challenges facing our hospitals.

Idris Elba: Fighter, Discovery Channel

Idris Elba: Fighter, Discovery

Hell and back in 4K with a Hollywood star

Spy In The Wild

Spy In The Wild, BBC1

More than 30 ultra-realistic ‘spy creatures’ took viewers into the animals’ world

The Week We Went Wild

The Week We Went Wild, C5

Sending warring families to extreme locations


Faking It: Tears of A Crime, Investigation Discovery

Why do criminals think TV is the place to protest their innocence?

Dogs Might Fly

Top 10 behind the scenes of 2016

Broadcast took a peek under the bonnet of shows including First Dates, Marcella and Dogs Might Fly. Click for the pick of the year’s Behind the Scenes.

Inside Number 9

Inside No 9, BBC2

Inside No. 9 producer Adam Tandy talks to George Bevir about creating a working 1970s drama set with period cameras and lighting for the return of the darkly comic anthology series

Worlds Most Wanted Leopard

The World's Most Wanted Leopard, Nat Geo Wild

What started out as a bid to photograph a rare leopard in Azerbaijan turned into a mission to preserve a unique species, says Adrian Steirn


Time Commanders, BBC4

Rebooting the format a decade on allowed the use of much more powerful software

The Crown

VFX and post-production of The Crown

With big budgets comes big responsibility

Lowri Morgan: Her 333

Lowri Morgan: Her 333, S4C

Running 150 miles up three mountains in three days not enough? Try being presenter and assistant producer too


The Last Miners, BBC1

By rejecting the use of mini cams, gimbals and drones, we strove for visual honesty of life in the pits, says Wesley Pollitt

Inside the Ambulance

Inside The Ambulance, W

We wanted to get an intimate view of the ambulance crews. The solution: shooting on GoPro cameras and wrangling data in the back of a Volkswagon, says Jacqueline Hewer

Stacey Dooley Frontline

Stacey Dooley: Guns, Girls and Isis, BBC3

Stacey Dooley has revealed her reasons for venturing into a war zone for the first time following the launch of her Isis-themed BBC3 documentary.

American High School

American High School, BBC3

Underprivileged students at a public school in America’s Deep South face huge challenges, but their sense of hope and determination was inspirational, writes Marcus Plowright


Before the Flood, Nat Geo

The ‘power of Leo’ compelled film-maker Fisher Stevens to return to the theme of climate change. The actor opened doors and made the topic sexy too, he tells Manori Ravindran


How the Box Was Born, BBC4

The first night of broadcasting was a variety extravaganza – The X Factor of its day – and recreating it was a daunting task, says Peter Gauvain


Teen Mom UK, MTV

Zero fakery, an inspiring cast and gripping storylines with genuine emotion were key to replicating the appeal of the US format, says Fiona O’Sullivan


Crazyhead, E4 & Netflix

Outrageous switches of tone are a key part of this contemporary supernatural story, but were hard to pull off, says Julian Murphy


SAS: Who Dares Wins, Channel 4

We were warned that shooting in the jungle would be brutal, but with 40°C heat and 95% humidity, the reality was even worse, says Sophie Leonard

Black Mirror, Netflix

Black Mirror, Netflix

From different episode lengths to unusual aspect ratios, Black Mirror’s move from C4 to Netflix has given the production and post teams freedom to experiment. Robin Parker reports

Reggie Chicago

Reggie Yates: Life and Death in Chicago, BBC3

Online shorts perfectly supported a Reggie Yates doc on gun crime in Chicago, writes Dov Freedman


Planet Earth, BBC1

A decade after its groundbreaking series, BBC Studios’ NHU is again using cutting-edge techniques and technology to take the viewer right into the world of animals.

The Level, ITV

The Level, ITV

Having finally won the commission after seven years of trying, dive-bombing seagulls and disruptive jet-skiers were just some of the challenges we faced, say Polly Leys and Kate Norrish

Hooten and the Lady

Hooten and the Lady, Sky 1

Production on our action romp took us around the world in search of adventure, says Simon Winstone

Alexandra Shulman

Inside British Vogue, BBC2

The opportunity to make a series about a major British institution doesn’t usually just fall into your lap, says Katie Buchanan

Secrets of the SAS: In Their Own Words

Secrets of the SAS: In Their Own Words, Channel 5

Red Planet’s first factual commission demanded an astonishing level of trust in a closed-ranks organisation, says Dan Gold

Dara O Briain’s Go 8 Bit

Dara O Briain’s Go 8 Bit, Dave

Our comedy gameshow featuring celebrities taking part in lifesize versions of classic video games had to appeal to two different groups: hardcore gamers and the general audience, says Donald Taffner Jr.

The Collection

The Collection, Amazon / BBC Worldwide

An old car plant near Swansea makes an unlikely home for Amazon Prime’s lavish production about the golden age of French couture, finds Benji Wilson

The Watchman

The Watchman, Channel 4

After winning a Bafta for The Murder Detectives, director Dave Nath had his pick of documentary subjects. So why did he turn to drama?

Mega Shippers, Quest

Mega Shippers, Quest

Fires at sea, tidal changes, hurricanes, and old-fashioned bad planning were all issues, says David Notman-Watt.


Borderline, C5

From location and choice of director through to the show itself, Borderline was all about getting the best out of improvisation, says Zoe Rocha


The Fall, Sky Atlantic

Reuniting Mary Decker and Zola Budd for the first time since their 1984 clash, it was clear how much it had affected both their lives, says Karen Emsley


Robot Wars, BBC2

As Sir Killalot, Matilda and the rest of the Robot Wars gang prepare for their TV comeback, Olly Grant visits the giant set where the souped-up veterans will take on the next generation


Eden, C4

If our participants were to succeed in building a new society, we had to let them make all the decisions – even if it meant we had no idea where to set up our rig, says series editor Liz Foley

Ross Kemp: The Fight Against Isis, Sky 1

Ross Kemp: The Fight Against Isis, Sky 1

We found many inspiring people in our journey to reveal the society the Kurds are trying to build in Syria, says Marta Shaw


A Very Sicilian Justice, Al Jazeera

Court restrictions, bomb threats and intense security challenged our attempt to tell the story of the judge who took on the mafia, says Paul Sapin


Undressed, TLC

It’s 9am on day one of our auditions. The casting team are briefing a room of diverse women aged between 19 and 62 in preparation for their interviews, to be filmed in their bra and pants.


The Lodge, Disney Channel

We shifted the action to Northern Ireland and introduced musical elements to turn this Disney Israel format into something that will resonate with European audiences, says Steven Andrew


Life Inside Jail: Hell on Earth, ITV

To gain access to a tough US prison, we gambled with telling some stark truths about our intentions, says Lee Phillips.

City in the Sky

City in the Sky, BBC2

Russell Levin highlights the challenges of trying to film 300 tonne aircraft taking off from the coldest city on earth.

Battle of Jutland

Battle of Jutland: the Navy's Bloodiest Day, BBC2

What started as a personal story for executive producer Liz McLeod became a technical jigsaw puzzle for director Alicia Aarce


Neil Gaiman’s Likely Stories, Sky Arts

The trick to adapting four unconnected short stories from the pen of cult author Neil Gaiman was to give them a ‘shared grammar’, directors Jane Pollard and Iain Forsyth tell Olly Grant


Last Whites of the East End, BBC1

We warmed up many of our contributors over a pint - but we had to out ourselves as lightweights, says Kelly Close


Love, Nina, BBC1

Our fictionalised take on Nina Stibbe’s book tries to shine a light on the every day with wit, heart and visual flourish, says Jamie Laurenson


Hetty Feather, CBBC

Convincing children that ‘old stuff ’ is worth watching is one thing; curbing contemporary slang on set is quite another, discovered David Collier


Children On The Frontline: The Escape, C4

Revisiting a family trying to escape the conflict in Syria presented many challenges, says Marcel Mettelsiefen. But the hardest was balancing the roles of friend and film-maker


Lord Montagu

How did a Texan come to make a feature-length doc about an aristocrat he had never heard of? Luke Korem explains


Ben Fogle: The Great African Migration, C5

Capturing a year in the life of four wildebeest over just 40 days’ filming was no small undertaking, discovered Natalie Wilkinson


Flowers, C4

We found the perfect dilapidated old building to match the ‘otherness’ of our characters’ world - but filming upstairs carried a risk that the floors might collapse, says Will Sharpe


Harlan Coben's The Five, Sky 1

Approaching a drama script in the same vein as author Harlan Coben’s thrillers, with hooks and cliffhangers at every turn, had to be a collaborative process, says Danny Brocklehurst


Dispatches: Britain’s Pensioner Care Scandal, Channel 4

Listening in to secret recordings of care home visits, just metres away in a car outside, was a distressing experience for Alison Ramsay


Undercover, BBC1

Key scenes finally clicked once we changed continent last-minute, says producer Richard Stokes - while director James Hawes battled to make a riot look real.

Life In The Air, BBC1

Life In The Air, BBC1

Capturing animals in flight in some of the world’s toughest locations required some unorthodox kit, says Simon Bell


Behind the Scenes: Marcella, ITV

The Bridge creator Hans Rosenfeldt has brought Scandinavian rhythms to our ‘London noir’, says Nicola Larder


Eddie Izzard: Marathon Man, BBC3

Eddie Izzard’s Sport Relief challenge was an endurance test for the production team too, says executive producer Nick Catliff


Maigret, ITV

For ITV’s new Maigret adaptation, Ealing Studios recreated 1950s Paris in Budapest. Olly Grant met the cast and crew on set.


Britain's Whales and Sharks, ITV

We had to wait 18 months for a whale to wash up on our shores, says Sarah Cunliffe. Then the sharks turned up…


Guy Martin's Wall Of Death: Live, C4

Guy’s death-defying attempt at breaking a world record live on air had to be put on hold when our fearless star almost killed himself in a motorbike accident, says Ewan Keil


Can't Touch This, BBC1

Getting a commission turned out to be the easy bit - the real test was losing our location and having to build three new sets in a building with a leaky roof, says Stellify’s joint managing director Matthew Worthy


Behind Closed Doors, BBC1

Our film is a testament to the brave domestic violence victims who chose to speak openly about their ordeal, says Erica Gornall


Two Doors Down, BBC2

When you have naturally funny performers like Doon Mackichan, Elaine C Smith and Sharon Rooney in your cast, you’d be crazy not to take their opinions on board, says Simon Carlyle

Dunblane: Our Story, BBC2

Dunblane: Our Story, BBC2

A piece of kit inspired by Errol Morris’ famous ‘Interrotron’ was key to helping contributors feel comfortable about opening up on camera, says Stephen Bennett


Beats international: live streaming music

The ability to stream live music events from far-flung and tricky locations has brought niche and underground music to the masses, writes George Bevir


Get Me To The Church, W

Finding six courageous couples willing to risk missing their own wedding was hard enough, but the friends they took with them had to be dynamite on camera too, says Sarah Veevers


Stag, BBC2

We went full ‘method’ in recreating the stag do from hell in the Scottish Highlands, says Jim Field Smith


Born to be Different, C4

Joining the production 15 years in, it was touching to see the rapport the crew had built with families, says Laurence Turnbull


Dogs Might Fly, Sky 1

We had experts from Spectre and Top Gear on hand to train up our dogs - and 40,000 sausages, says Caroline Hawkins

Churchill's Secret

Churchill's Secret, ITV

ITV’s one-off drama reveals a hidden, vulnerable side to Britain’s WWII leader as he copes with family tragedy and encroaching old age.

The Prosecutors, BBC4

The Prosecutors, BBC4

You learn to be patient when there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to use the cases you’re following, say Sara Hardy and Blue Ryan


David Baddiel On The Silk Road

Our trek along the ancient trade route from China to Istanbul took months of planning - but our best stories came from the things we didn’t expect, says series producer Glenn Swift


Thirteen, BBC3

Commissioned before BBC3’s online move was set in stone, Thirteen had to shift from a traditional production road map to one that embraced all things digital.


First Dates, C4

Feeling the series was lacking something, we brought in our own staff to give the restaurant an identity - and provide some familiar faces to keep viewers coming back, says Nicola Lloyd

The Jump

Behind the Scenes: risk and reward at The Jump

It may be known as the most dangerous show on the television, but there are some risks even The Jump won’t take.


The Day Hitler Died, ITV

A treasure trove of archive interviews was the key to unlocking our Hitler doc. The next step was to rebuild his bunker, says Sue Summers


The Rack Pack, BBC iPlayer

Our BBC iPlayer film presented two huge challenges: combining comedy and tragedy, and making non-professionals look like geniuses with a snooker cue, says Barney Reisz


Lip Sync Battle UK, Channel 5

Could we launch a talent-led show to rival the cult US version? asks Lisa Chapman. With top presenters, brilliant contestants and a bit of pig-spanking, we think we’ve pulled it off


Ten Pieces II, BBC2 / CBBC

For our cinematic take on orchestra performance, we shot ten music videos in two days, reveals Serena Cross

Credit: BBC & Jan Helmer Olsen

All Aboard! The Sleigh Ride, BBC4

As if filming at -20°C wasn’t challenging enough, we had to grapple with reindeer and hand-held filming on a bumpy sleigh, says Luke Korzun Martin


Beowulf, ITV

The producers of ITV’s take on the Anglo-Saxon epic tell Olly Grant how they created a fantasy universe from scratch and made an ancient saga work for a modern audience


Dickensian, BBC1

On a vast Victorian street set in a warehouse in west London, James Rampton hears how Red Planet took a light-footed approach to its rummage through Charles Dickens’ brain

War and Peace, BBC1

War and Peace, BBC1

At more than 1,400 pages, adapting War And Peace as a six-part drama was not for the fainthearted. Olly Grant meets the director, producer and crew charged with bringing the epic story to life

The Sound of Music Live, ITV

The Sound of Music Live, ITV

ITV’s live broadcast of the classic musical won’t shy away from drawing political parallels with today’s global crises, discovers Emily Norval


We’re Doomed! The Dad’s Army Story, BBC2

A drama about the birth of Dad’s Army reveals the behind-the-scenes conflict over the classic sitcom - and how it almost didn’t happen. Olly Grant meets the team telling the tale

Shaun The Sheep

Shaun The Sheep: The Farmer's Llama, BBC1

The challenge on our 30-minute Shaun The Sheep special was to broaden his world without alienating his fans - and meticulous planning of every last detail, says Jay Grace


Capital, BBC1

To create an authentic soundscape for BBC drama Capital, dubbing mixer Howard Bargroff took a trip to the part of south London in which it is set, writes George Bevir


The Murder Detectives, C4

We aimed to make our documentary more like a box-set to hook in younger viewers who rarely watch programmes on TV, says Dave Nath


The Age of Loneliness, BBC1

Finding 14 contributors prepared to bare their souls on camera wasn’t easy but we wanted to show how loneliness can affect people of all ages and from all walks of life


JFK & LBJ: A Time For Greatness, PBS America

With rare footage, secret recordings and a Morgan Freeman voiceover, we had everything - except our most important location, writes Alastair Layzell


Teletubbies, CBeebies

The Teletubbies are back, but with their original outdoor set long gone, new producer Darrall Macqueen used models and CGI to recreate the magic, they tell Robin Parker


Prison: First & Last 24 Hours, Sky 1

Weeks immersed in prison life then long filming days paid off for our hard-working crew, says producer Louise Say


Ultimate Airport Dubai, National Geographic

Nights in a jail cell and takeaway cast-offs in a windowless bunker are a price worth paying for access to Dubai’s amazing airport, says Nick Metcalfe


The Frankenstein Chronicles, ITV

Olly Grant hears how the team behind ITV Encore’s detective spin on Mary Shelley’s Gothic masterpiece recreated 1920s London across 40 Northern Ireland locations


The Money Pit, Dave

A live crowd-funding format turned out to be a legal minefield, but we found a way to make it work - and stay out of jail, says series producer Pat Doyle


Bull, Gold

With no gallery and no audience to play to, UKTV’s new sitcom tried to take a more naturalistic approach to studio filming. Robin Parker reports


Kitchen Impossible with Michel Roux Jnr, C4

With the help of Michelin-starred chef Michel Roux Jr, we wanted to show that people with disabilities have the talent, ambition and will to succeed in the workplace, says series producer Sam Grace


Glitchy, ITV2

With spoof programmes like Sun, Sea And Sex With My Parents, we wanted to gently send up the contemporary TV landscape, says executive producer James Longman


Asian Provocateur, BBC3

The unpredictability of Romesh Ranganathan’s extended family was the making of our series, says series producer Ben Green


Oak Tree: Nature's Great Survivor, BBC4

Spending a year watching a tree slowly grow had its challenges, but this was the kind of privilege only BBC4 can provide, says Nic Stacey

You, Me & the Apocalypse, Sky 1

You, Me & the Apocalypse, Sky 1

Sky 1’s new comedy-drama about the final days of life on Earth is filmed close to its Slough setting, but this location also doubles as Tennessee and Washington, discovers Olly Hunt


Body Donors, Channel 5

Never let your best idea die. One day its time will come, as Paul Stead discovered.


Rooney - The Man Behind The Goals, BBC1

What kicked off as a sporting achievement documentary soon turned into an unexpectedly unguarded glimpse into the life of the man behind the tabloid headlines, says Tony Pastor


Danger Mouse, CBBC

We had to bring a cartoon classic right up to date while keeping the charm of the original. Making sure the gags didn’t get lost in translation was a challenge too, says Ben Ward


Singing in the Rainforest, Watch

Taking western pop stars to remote places to make music with the locals seemed like a brilliant idea - the problem was finding anyone prepared to go, says Helen Nightingale


Boy Meets Girl, BBC2

There is no agenda to our transgender comedy, but the issue still required sensitive treatment, says Margot Gavan Duffy


The Catch, C4

Filming and living aboard a fishing boat for this fixed-rig doc threw up many challenges, but it also made for a very personal experience, says Jim Incledon


Big Kitchens, Travel Channel UK

We used innovative filming technology to shake up the food genre - but drew the line at flying drones in a kitchen, says Carlo Massarella

If Katie Hopkins Ruled The World, TLC

If Katie Hopkins Ruled The World, TLC

After our first big hit with the outspoken columnist, it was time to step out of our comfort zones, says Sarah Thornton


Lenny Henry's Got The Blues, Sky Arts

Lenny Henry wanted to know why there are so few black British blues singers. The story we uncovered was far more colourful and complex than we ever imagined, says Chris Wilson


The Boy Who Wanted His Leg Cut Off, BBC3

BBC3 took a risk with our doc, but it was a human story worth telling, says Jazz Gowans


Man V Viral/Experimental, Channel 4

We wanted a brave, athletic and charismatic stuntman to recreate the crazy clips we’d seen on the internet, says Jago Lee. But instead we chose west London’s answer to Woody Allen


Supershoppers, C4

Firecrest’s Nicole Kleeman on combining satire with stunts to create a new kind of consumer programme


Cuffs, BBC1

First-time director and former rally driver Nick Rowland is in the hot seat for the climax of BBC1’s pacy crime series. Adrian Lobb visits him on set


Dispatches: Escape From Isis, C4

We were prepared for harrowing tales of life under Isis, but never expected positive stories to emerge from the horror, says Edward Watts


The Outcast, BBC1

Novel, film or TV series? BBC1’s new drama has been all of these at some point in its development. Olly Grant hears about its unusual journey to TV


CBBC Official Chart Show

Our young production team had no previous experience of working in television, but stacks of ability and the confi dence to take on anything we threw at them, says Steve Wynne

The Bank, BBC2

The Bank, BBC2

We ditched the fixed rig for our bank doc when we realised where the real action was, says Zac Beattie

Humans, Channel 4

Humans, Channel 4

Getting the look and movement right for our ‘synths’ was no small task, says producer Chris Fry


La Traviata: Love, Death and Divas, BBC2

Opera doesn’t always work on screen, but by setting the performances within a documentary about La Traviata’s first London staging, we may just have pulled it off, says Ben Weston


The logistics of filming with Stephen Hawking

We had to rip up our schedules when filming with the scientist, but we gained huge insight into the challenges of his daily life, says Mark Wells


The Interceptor, BBC1

Car chases through London and a takeover of Waterloo station required precision planning and tight budget control, says Patrick Schweitzer


Britain's Busiest Airport, ITV

Ensuring our ob-doc series would avoid becoming a puff piece for the UK’s biggest airport demanded buy-in from every corner of this ‘mini city’, writes executive producer Tim Wardle


The Tribe, C4

With long days, floods and intense heat, C4’s first foreign fixed-rig series took me out of my comfort zone, says Paddy Wivell. But focusing on the basics of storytelling carried us through

T. Rex Autopsy, Nat Geo

T. Rex Autopsy, Nat Geo

Building a full-size, anatomically correct model of a T. rex that could be dissected on TV was a labour of love that took months of painstaking work. Olly Grant finds out how it was done

Undercover, Dave

Undercover, Dave

We took inspiration from classic gangland movies and TV shows for this original sitcom set in Newcastle, says Margery Bone. That meant action and stunts - and a lot of guns


Suntrap, BBC1

A six-part sitcom set on a sun-drenched island was the perfect start for our newly launched indie– until we had to go to sea, says Neil Webster


No Offence, Channel 4

Paul Abbott’s new Channel 4 series is a comedy/police procedural with three female leads. Benji Wilson visits the set, while the writer explains how it draws on his previous work


Ballot Monkeys, C4

C4’s Ballot Monkeys had to be filmed close to the wire to keep it topical. The solution? An unusual OB with four crews crammed into four coaches, writes Jimmy Mulville


Fright Club, Sky1

The first rule of Fright Club was to create a drama-filled series that used extreme methods to help people with their phobias, says Kaye Godleman

UK Election Debate, CNN

UK Election Debate, CNN

CNN has ambitions for McLaren’s ‘Thought Leadership’ hub beyond its election debates. Alex Farber paid a visit


Channel Patrol, BBC1

Drones and GoPros helped us capture the busy English channel on a daytime budget, says series producer Rebecca Nunn


Hunters of the South Seas, BBC2

When we gave our researcher his dream assignment, a new star presenter was born, says series producer/director Jamie Balment

Safe House, ITV

Safe House, ITV

When a hurricane blown in from the Caribbean put filming in jeopardy, we turned the conditions to our advantage, says Andrew Benson

Episodes, BBC2

Episodes, BBC2

When Wimbledon Studios went into receivership just before shooting began on Episodes’ fourth series, producer Debs Pisani had her work cut out keeping the production on track


Tatau, BBC3

The tropical setting of the Cook Islands and legends surrounding Maori culture inspired BBC3’s new drama about two backpackers caught up in a mystery.


Ninja Warrior UK, ITV

ITV has turned to a high-octane Japanese format for its latest Saturday night entertainment offering.


Who'd Be A Billionaire?, Sky Living

The super-rich aren’t very forthcoming about their lives, but their staff provided a fascinating insight into their world, says Remy Blumenfeld


Londongrad, CTC Media

Behind the scenes on Londongrad, the first Russian television series to be filmed in the capital


Analysis: Viacom acquisition

Kate Bulkley speaks to Viacom execs about plans to appeal to a younger audience and increase audience share

Richard E Grant

Richard E Grant's 7 Deadly Sins, Discovery

A genre-bending exploration of the animal instincts inside us all proved an eye-opening experience for Benedetta Pinelli

Filming My Father

Filming My Father: In Life And Death, C5

To capture the intimacy of a man living with motor neurone disease, Liz Tucker trained up his son as a camera operator

The Kids Who Can't Stay Awake

The Kids Who Can't Stay Awake, C4

First-time producer/director Nicola Comber reflects on tacking the sensitive subject of childhood narcolepsy


Horrible Histories: Revamping a classic

The past’s comic potential remains undimmed - it just needed a new twist, as Paul Whitelaw discovers

The Javone Prince Show, BBC2

The Javone Prince Show, BBC2

Previously best known for his role in cult E4 sitcom PhoneShop, Javone Prince may well be the BBC’s latest breakout comedy star.


Nurse, BBC2

A four-part comedy drama for BBC2 based on a low-key Radio 4 series, Nurse is a character sketch show by proxy.


This World: Surviving Sandy Hook, BBC2

Revisiting a tragedy that befell a community increasingly sceptical of media intrusion made gaining access tough, reveals Jezza Neumann

Banished, BBC2

Banished, BBC2

From landscape to wildlife, shooting exteriors for Jimmy McGovern’s period piece in Australia gave it a hard-to-replicate authenticity.

Africa's Fishing Leopards, BBC2

Africa's Fishing Leopards, BBC2

It took two years to gain the trust of the leopards we were filming. It was worth it, says Brad Bestelink

World's Toughest Jobs, BBC3

World's Toughest Jobs, BBC3

Boundless’ small production team had to work as hard as our subjects in our global adventure

Bear Grylls Mission Survive

Bear Grylls: Mission Survive, ITV

Twelve days moving through the Costa Rican jungle with eight celebrities, a crew of 60 and Bear Grylls.

Critical, Sky 1

Critical, Sky 1

Jed Mercurio’s drama would take the audience to places, and show them sights, they’d never seen before


Twirlywoos, CBeebies

We used a mix of animation and live-action to teach kids about the world around them, says Chris Wood


Inside The Commons, BBC2

Anthony Geffen reveals how winning trust was key to capturing parliament as it’s never been seen before

The Secret Life of Four Year Olds, C4

The Secret Life of Four Year Olds, C4

When we started filming a group of four year-olds, we had no idea what it would teach us, says Teresa Watkins.


Air Ambulance ER, Sky 1

Finding room to fit cameras among helicopter crews’ kit was a big logistical challenge, says producer Louise V Say.

The Eichmann Show

The Eichmann Show, BBC2

The trial of the Nazi war criminal was also the birth of mass media, discovered producer Laurence Bowen


Fortitude, Sky Atlantic

The producers battled limited daylight, snow shortages and polar bears



Six years on from our original idea, the timing is finally right for our kids’ robot drama, says Jez Swimer


Drunk History, Comedy Central

Plying comic actors with booze? What can possibly go wrong, wonders Robin Parker


Roman Britain From The Air, ITV

Our helicopter filming hinged on two things: the weather - and England going out of the World Cup, says Brendan Hughes

The Wrong Mans

The Wrong Mans, BBC2

With stunts involving helicopters and a moving train, the first series of the The Wrong Mans was hard to top, says Jim Field Smith.


Wild Weather, BBC1

When the complex weather phenomena we wanted to study couldn’t be found, we had to make our own, says Graham Booth


Britain's Bloodiest Dynasty

A first-time presenter, untested camera rig and the entire history of the Plantagenets. A tall order on a C5 budget, says Dan Gold


Cyber Sex, Love and Marriage, Sky Living

Making a doc about people falling in love via gaming avatars meant keeping a very open mind


World's Greatest Food Markets, BBC2

Getting the ‘Bastard of Billingsgate’ to live up to his name in front of camera

Puppy Love

Puppy Love, BBC4

An improvised comedy with a first-time TV dog wrangler and up to 40 dogs? Director Susan Tully likes a challenge


Remember Me, BBC1

A supernatural meditation on ageing and a return to his Yorkshire roots lures Michael Palin back to TV drama

Micky Flanagan’s Detour De France, Sky 1

Micky Flanagan’s Detour De France, Sky 1

A star prepared to leave his vanity at the door and try anything on camera was a real boon


Rome: The First Superpower, Channel 5

We always knew Rome wasn’t built in a day. But this show came chock-full of challenges.


The Missing, BBC1

The creators and stars of BBC1’s new thriller speak to Olly Grant about keeping on top of its time-shifting plot


Curing Cancer, C4

This documentary involved more than just observational fi lming, says Brian Woods

The Great Fire, ITV

The Great Fire, ITV

Using real flames was key to recreating the biggest disaster in British history.


Grantchester, ITV

Producers of the ITV crime drama are hoping it will do for Cambridgeshire what Morse did for Oxford


The Paedophile Hunters, Channel 4

Making a film with secret filming, thorny legal issues and explicit material is not for the faint-hearted


Plebs, ITV2

As ITV2’s Roman era sitcom returns, Jake Kanter discovers how producer Rise Films raised the bar for series two


Bad Bridesmaid, ITV2

Casting a comedian as the bad bridesmaid has forged a new hybrid format, writes Amy Dallmeyer.

Monsters behind the iron curtain

Russia's Mystery Files / Monsters Behind The Iron Curtain, Nat Geo

Two teams were run in parallel to investigate myths from the Soviet era


Human Tissue Squad, BBC3

With months spent hanging around mortuaries this was not a job for the squeamish

The Suspicions Of Mr Whicher

The Suspicions Of Mr Whicher, ITV

Hat Trick takes a bold approach on the first episode of the new series, using almost entirely natural light


Esio Trot, BBC1

Richard Curtis has lured Dustin Hoffman and Judi Dench to BBC1 for his Christmas adaptation of Roald Dahl’s Esio Trot.


Boomers, BBC1

Having such a talented and experienced cast was a real blessing, says Paul Schlesinger


Our World War, BBC3

Broken down tanks, torrential rain and real soldiers playing extras added to the authenticity, says Sue Horth


Blinging Up Baby, C5

A killer title landed us the commission, but the hard part was still to come says Ian Lamarra

David Rudisha

100 Seconds To Beat The World, BBC4

Ed Sunderland’s story of 800m Olympic champion David Rudisha


Survive The Tribe, Nat Geo UK

Travelling to remote places without a fixer made our job harder - but enriched our film says George Pagliero

Testing Britain's Worst Drivers: Crash Course, ITV

Testing Britain's Worst Drivers: Crash Course, ITV

Technical pre-production was key to ensuring our crashes went smoothly


The Secret Life of Your Clothes, BBC

Africa is a film-maker’s dream - unless you want access to disabled facilities, says Nicole Kleeman

Royal Marines Commando School

Royal Marines Commando School, C4

A series that tells us something about a generation of young men, not just their military training


Utopia, C4

Utopia flashes back to the 1970s for series two’s opener. Olly Grant reports from behind the scenes


Marvellous, BBC2

Peter Bowker’s BBC2 drama Marvellous gave young trainees from a range of backgrounds a chance to gain experience alongside the crew on a real TV production

OAPs Behaving Badly

OAPs Behaving Badly, C5

Filming OAPs in Tenerife sounded fun, but keeping up with the hard-partying Brits wasn’t easy.

Get Stuffed!, C4

All Creatures Great and Stuffed, C4

Alongside the bizarre footage of flying cats, sharks and ostriches, it was important that we didn’t lose sight of the human story

Drag Queens

Drag Queens Of London, London Live

Making a ten-part ob doc series on a microbudget is not impossible, but you do have to take risks with where you cut corners, says Jason Mitchell.

Dan Etheridge

The Island With Bear Grylls, C4

As C4’s survivalist adventure draws to a close, two of the castaway crew talk about life in front of the camera

iPlayer shorts

BBC iPlayer: comedy shorts

Pett Productions discuss ‘micro-producing’ an eclectic mix of experimental shorts

I Wanna Marry Harry

I Wanna Marry 'Harry', Fox

Secrecy was vital to convince a group of girls that they were impressing Prince Harry, says David Tibballs

Mr Sloane

Mr Sloane, Sky Atlantic

Recreating a brown and beige British 1960s pub culture a world away from Mad Men

Ed Stafford

A 25-year voyage of Discovery

Broadcast reveals how eight of the broadcaster’s most important shows were made


24: Live Another Day, Sky 1

A British crew helped to create a new twist on 24 that aims to be both fresh and reassuringly familiar, Robin Parker discovers.

Wanted: A Family Of My Own

Wanted: A Family Of My Own, ITV

Claire Lewis discovered local government red tape was just one of the hurdles in following adoption cases


Prey, ITV

Tom Sherry explains how a brilliant script forced Red to reinvent the production process

Jamaica Inn

Jamaica Inn, BBC1

The Cornish moors of Daphne du Maurier’s story were even more breathtaking than director Philippa Lowthorpe could have believed


Jesus Mysteries, Nat Geo UK

We didn’t need a miracle but what we achieved on a modest TV budget wasn’t far off, says Justin Hardy


Hercules The Human Bear, C5

Not even a stroke could derail our doc’s Hollywood ending, write David Sumnall and Paul Goodliffe

Protecting Our Parents

Protecting Our Parents, BBC2

Filming showed the complexities of a system involving multiple agencies and budgets, says Alice Perman

Dead Famous DNA

Dead Famous DNA, Channel 4

Our show took three years to make - and we didn’t know the outcome until the last minute, says Rob Davis

Generation Cryo

Generation Cryo, MTV UK

We let the participants follow their own path on the journey to find their sperm-donor dad, says Ellen Windemuth

Frisky Business, Lifetime

Frisky Business, Lifetime

Mixing down-to-earth employees with a mind-blowing array of sex toys set our pulses racing.

Animals Through the Night

Animals Through the Night, BBC4

Nicholas Head on organising a sleepover at the zoo for Icon Films

37 Days

37 Days, BBC2

We didn’t have the luxury of a drama budget but Northern Ireland was great value as a location


Coach Zoran and his African Tigers, BBC4

Sam Benstead records the birth of football inside the world’s newest country

Railroad Alaska

Railroad Alaska, Discovery

The quirky, heavily armed Alaskan homesteaders were TV gold says Gwyn Williams


Fleming, Sky Atlantic

Douglas Rae and director Mat Whitecross share the story of giving life to the James Bond creator

Mark Saben

Births, Deaths & Marriages, ITV

Mark Saben explains the reasons for ditching the rig for the ITV doc


Babylon, C4

We wouldn’t have dreamed of doing a cop show before Danny Boyle approached us, says Jesse Armstrong

Growing Up Downs

Growing Up Downs, BBC3

William Jessop follows the Blue Apple theatre company as it performs Hamlet


Suspects, C5

Semi-improvised dialogue and a documentary shooting style give C5’s police drama an edgy, contemporary feel


Children's Emergency Rescue, BBC2

Ian Cundall discusses gaining the trust of doctors and patients

Children on the Frontline

Children on the Frontline, C4

Chris Shaw on telling the real stories from the Syrian conflict

The Taste

The Taste, C4

Nigella Lawson is back in the headlines, but this time for all the right reasons.

Helicopter Heroes

Helicopter Heroes, BBC1

Ian Cundall reveals the skills required to film in a chopper

Lucan, ITV

Lucan, ITV

Dramatising Lord Lucan’s story was a tall order, says Adrian Shergold

Liberty of London

Liberty of London, C4

A strong team and building trust quickly were key to opening up this West End institution, says Katherine Anstey

Countdown to the Rains

Africa 2013: Countdown to the Rains, BBC2

The key was the positioning of the fixed rig - and avoiding hippos, says Sarah Peat

The Day Kennedy Died, ITV

The Day Kennedy Died, ITV

We had to be quick and persuasive to get the best footage and contributors, says Sue Summers


Yonderland, Sky 1

The scope and ambition of what we were attempting was frightening, says Sioned Wiliam

Bizarre Bodies

Body Bizarre, Discovery

Our exploration of rare medical conditions took us on an emotional journey, says Brent Baker


Bedlam, C4

Alice Mayhall on filming at the Maudsley Hospital for The Garden Productions

Shackleton: Death or Glory, Discovery

Shackleton: Death or Glory, Discovery

Recreating the famous rescue mission seemed an impossible task, says Ed Wardle

Ross Noble Freewheeling

Ross Noble Freewheeling, Dave

Andy Devonshire on taking direction from Twitter

The Day I Got My Sight Back

The Day I Got My Sight Back, BBC1

Sally George strikes a balance between showing the procedure and avoiding too much gore

Amanda Knox Trial

Amanda Knox Trial, C5

We subjected a lifesize model of Meredith Kercher’s flat to CSI techniques, writes Ian Russell

The Last Witch

The Last Witch, Sky Living

Yorkshire provided the perfect backdrop for a modern fantasy story grounded in reality, says Sally Wainwright

Pandas 3D

Pandas 3D, Sky 3D/Nat Geo

Caroline Hawkins says dressing in panda suits was one of the more bizarre moments on the tricky 3D shoot

Hustling America

Hustling America, C5

We wanted to follow in the footsteps of famous con men, says Martin Turner

Educating Yorkshire

Educating Yorkshire, C4

Grace Reynolds on being warm and witty while making important points about education

Educating Harrow

Harrow - A Very British School, Sky 1

Emma Read’s plan to immerse ITN for a year with one of the 12 houses at Harrow


Stephen Fry Out There, BBC2

Our exploration of gay rights around the world uncovered heartbreaking stories, says Fergus O’Brien


Inside No. 9, BBC2

Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton have pared things down for a twist on Tales Of The Unexpected.

That Puppet Game Show

That Puppet Game Show, BBC1

A jaded armadillo and a talking hotdog will be among the colourful characters helping BBC1 in the Saturday night ratings war over coming weeks. Olly Grant meets the show’s creators


Southcliffe, C4

Unlike other crime dramas, we were more interested in the impact on those left behind than the investigation, says Tony Grisoni

The Burrowers

The Burrowers, BBC2

Trying to ‘cut a British hillside in half ’ was the maddest thing I’ve ever done says Fiona Pitcher

Matthew McNulty and Holly Lucas

The Mill, Channel 4

C4’s history and drama teams came together to deliver a ‘worm’s-eye view’ of the Industrial Revolution.


Run, Channel 4

A crash course in TV drama was required for the writers when Channel 4 picked up on this online idea

Top Of The Lake

Top Of The Lake, BBC2

Writers Jane Campion and Gerard Lee discuss the growing constraints of film and unleashing their creativity on TV

Married To The Job

Married To The Job, ITV

Landmark Films tracks four women police officers at work and play.

Kung Foolery

Kung Foolery, Sky 1

In true B-movie style, we delivered a tongue-in-cheek travelogue and recreated a treasured martial arts fight scene, says Neil Edwards

First Dates

First Dates, Channel 4

We’ll have earned our supper if we can turn around a show about the trials and tribulations of a first date in just four days, says Meredith Chambers

The Returned

The Returned, C4

With Channel 4 about to air its first fully subtitled drama in 20 years, Olly Grant speaks to the show’s producers about forging links with British indies - and the state of French TV

The White Queen

The White Queen, BBC1

Combining three of Philippa Gregory’s Wars of the Roses novels into one 10-part television series was like a Mensa test, says Emma Frost

Strange Hill

Strange Hill High, CBBC

We combined rod puppetry with groundbreaking digital techniques to bring our characters and their mysterious world to life, says Phil Chalk.

The Fall

The Fall, BBC2

Writer Allan Cubitt was involved in everything from casting to editing on his BBC2 series The Fall. Tim Adler speaks to the producers and star Gillian Anderson about the unusual set-up

Hunt For Britain’s Sex Gangs

Hunt For Britain's Sex Gangs, C4

Documenting the grooming and exploitation of girls in Bradford for 17 years has had many obstacles, not least officials in denial and fears of race-related violence, says Anna Hall


Motor Morphers, C5

Piloting cement lorries across a lake and felling trees with converted fire engines were just some of the challenges on this show, says Emma Read

Dakar Rally

Frontline to Finish Line

Gaucho Productions’ executive producer, Alistair Weaver, reflects on the challenge of shooting the Dakar Rally.

The Politician's Husband

The Politician's Husband, BBC2

Paula Milne’s forthcoming follow-up to her classic 1995 drama turns the tables to explore the shifting balance of power between husbands and wives. Paul Whitelaw reports

Chasing Ice

Chasing Ice, National Geographic Channel

The harsh reality of filming in Arctic conditions took me by surprise, says Jeff Orlowski. But if we can raise awareness of climate change, it will have been worth it

Unreported World

Unreported World: Cuba, Basketball And Betrayal, C4

I hadn’t planned to be a TV presenter, let alone a current affairs film-maker, says Ade Adepitan. Now I find myself interviewing people in Spanish.

Dogging Tales

True Stories: Dogging Tales, C4

It wasn’t too difficult to find people who enjoyed going dogging, says Leo Maguire. But persuading them to appear on camera was another matter


Edwardian Insects On Film, BBC4

A new BBC4 documentary from Mentorn revisits the work of amateur naturalist Percy Smith, recreating his century-old film of a performing housefly.

Jonathan Goodwin

The Incredible Mr Goodwin, Watch

Whether burying our star alive or throwing him off a cliff, we only ever had one chance to get our Looney Tunes stunts right, says Matt Crook


Broadchurch, ITV

I’d wanted to write a big ensemble piece for 10 years, but inspiration finally came on a walk along the cliffs near my home, says Chris Chibnall

Valley Of Death

Syria: Across the Lines, C4

Entering a ‘vortex of horror’ where scores of journalists as well as Syrians had been killed, seriously injured or taken hostage was a nerve-shattering experience for Olly Lambert

Strip The City

Strip The City, Discovery

With CGI effects like an action movie, it was the release of a Hollywood blockbuster that really helped the Windfall Films project take off, says Carlo Massarella

Henry Hugglemonster

Henry Hugglemonster, Disney

A show based on Niamh Sharkey’s book offered just what we were looking for: something unique that the family could watch together. But above all it was funny, says Beth Gardiner

Richard III

Richard III: The King in the Car Park, C4

We won’t know whether we have found the bones of Richard III until the day of TX, but getting to this point has been quite a journey, says Simon Young

GT Academy

GT Academy, ITV4

Making six series at once was already a massive challenge - but then our lasers broke down and things got even tougher, says Dylan Wyn Davies

Spies Of Warsaw

Spies of Warsaw, BBC4

1930s Poland offered a rich setting for Fresh Pictures’ first drama series - and the timing was perfect for veteran screenwriters Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais. Olly Grant reports

The Snowman and the Snowdog

Back to the drawing board

To capture the feel of Raymond Briggs’ Christmas classic for this 30th anniversary sequel, our animators had to put down their tablets and pick up their pencils, says Ruth Fielding

Galapagos 3D with David Attenborough

Galapagos 3D with David Attenborough, Sky

Benji Wilson catches up with Sir David Attenborough on a 3D shoot in the Galapagos Islands, where a 22-person crew and 10 tonnes of kit are out to capture some extraordinary scenes

The Poison Tree

The Poison Tree, ITV1

Erin Kelly’s novel hooked me instantly, but we had to make dramatic changes to characters and plot to turn it into thrilling TV, says Emilia di Girolamo

Tarrant in Congo

Chris Tarrant: Extreme Railways, Channel 5

Rosalind Bain on the dangers of underestimating the complexity of train timetables in the Congo.


The Girl, BBC2

A BBC/HBO co-pro delving into Alfred Hitchcock’s infatuation with star Tippi Hedren involved painstaking recreation of some iconic movie moments. Benji Wilson hears how it was done


The Fear, Channel 4

Making the audience feel they are actually seeing the world though the eyes of a gangland boss slowly succumbing to dementia became an obsession for director Michael Samuels

Spice Trip

Spice Trip, More4

With novice presenters, monsoon weather and attacks from ferocious ants, this was a labour of love for all concerned, says Caroline Ross Pirie

Hurricane Sandy

Recording the Aftermath, Nat Geo

Superstorm Sandy showed the worst of nature and best of human nature, says Matt Currington.

Nations Best AM dram

Nation’s Best Am Dram, Sky Arts

Finding the country’s best amateur dramatic group and putting them on stage in the West End was high drama all the way, says Nicholas Kent


Great Continental Railway Journeys, BBC2

Joining Michael Portillo as he embarks on a new set of train journeys, using the European Bradshaw Guide as his inspiration, Cassie Farrell finds that timing is everything.

Ross Kemp

Ross Kemp: Invisible Wounded, Sky1

After six years meeting soldiers on the frontline, Ross Kemp wanted to make a personal film about an issue that is often ignored, says Tom Sheahan

Full English

Full English, Channel 4

Channel 4’s answer to Family Guy comes from an unusual pairing: a start-up UK indie and a Hollywood studio. Paul Whitelaw talks to the duo who have seen their idea come to life.

How We Invented The World

How We Invented The World, Discovery

Tracing origins of iconic inventions was vast challenge, says series producer James Buchanan.

Heston's Fantastical Food

Heston’s Fantastical Food

Avoiding death by supersized ice cream, creating a huge dunking biscuit and putting a pie in a pub was all in a day’s work for Heston Blumenthal’s new series, says Jenny Byrom

Comic Strip

The Comic Strip Presents: Five Go To Rehab, Gold

Rain-sodden Devon was far from the rural idyll of The Comic Strip’s first Famous Five spoof 30 years ago, says Nick Smith

North Pole Ice Airport

North Pole Ice Airport, C5

Thrillseekers, tourists, a couple tying the knot - the people I encountered at the North Pole were not what I was expecting, says Alex Kiehl


Hebburn, BBC2

Shot in his home town and with a cameo role for his uncle Shaun, this was a very personal project for comedian Jason Cook, says Matt Tiller


Falcón, Sky Atlantic

The director of Sky Atlantic’s new Spanish detective drama Falcón wanted to make a ‘noir thriller shot like a documentary’. Benji Wilson gets a ringside seat during filming.


Baggage, Channel 4

The production team looked shocked when we told them to make the show in Manchester, but it saved us money and was a perfect fit, says C4’s Tom Beck.


Leonardo (series 2), CBBC

Kindle Entertainment’s Lucy Martin and Valerie Ames take Broadcast behind the scenes of action-packed drama series Leonardo.

Caroline Skinner

Caroline Skinner, Doctor Who

Executive producer Caroline Skinner tells Robin Parker about keeping the early introduction of Doctor Who’s new sidekick hushed up, the show’s growing ambitions and its rise in the US.

The Bletchley Circle

The Bletchley Circle, ITV1

Recreating the look and feel of the war era presented its challenges, but was resolved with access to Bletchley Park, says Jake Lushington.


Dallas, Channel 5

Director and executive producer Michael M Robin and head writer Cynthia Cidre tell Robin Parker of the challenges faced in bringing much-loved drama Dallas back to TV.

British Cycling: Road to Glory

British Cycling: Road to Glory, Sky Atlantic

We had to overcome access and rights issues and an arduous shoot if our series was to match the success of Team Sky, says Hamish Fergusson.

Parade’s End

Parade’s End, BBC2

I missed the preparation time on this WWI-era drama, but having Tom Stoppard writing on set for an A-list cast helped us negotiate the challenging conditions, says Susanna White.

Red Dwarf X

Red Dwarf X, Dave

Having scored Dave’s highest ever ratings for its 2009 three-part special, cult comedy Red Dwarf is back for a full series. Michael Rosser meets writer Doug Naylor and the cast on set.

The Best of Men

The Best of Men, BBC2

The story of the first Paralympics was ripe for the telling this year, but it wasn’t plain sailing when our script was rejected, says Harriet Davison.

Styled to Rock

Styled to Rock, Sky Living

Having Rihanna at the helm took Sky Living’s latest elimination show to a whole new level, says executive producer Daniel Marlowe.

Birger Larsen

Murder, BBC2

The Killing director Birger Larsen and the team behind his new single for BBC2 talk to Ben Dowell about bringing a Danish perspective to UK drama – and courting Helen Mirren.

Networks of Power

Networks of Power, Sky Atlantic

When the movers and shakers we wanted just wouldn’t play ball, we had to diversify and rethink our definitions of power, says Michael Simkin.


World’s Maddest Job Interview, C4

Finding someone who could hold their own on Countdown was a big challenge - but we’re proud of what we have achieved, says Camilla Lewis.

Knockout Scousers

Knockout Scousers, Channel 4

Following three young boxers competing for places in the GB squad was a steep learning curve for a photographer making a first film, says Steve Read


Sinbad, Sky 1

With ancient cities, monsters and mythical creatures in almost every episode, Sky 1’s epic new adventure series is a masterclass in the art of VFX. George Bevir finds out how it was done.


Emergency With Angela Griffin, Sky1

Working as a self-shooting PD on the second series of ‘Emergency With Angela Griffin’ threw up its own unique challenges, whilst following the Devon and the Wales air ambulances, writes producer/director Steve Allen.

Ping Pong

Ping Pong, Channel 4

It took the support of a lot of different organisations – from Sport England to the DWP and Age UK – to get this film off the ground, says Hugh Hartford.

Line of Duty

Line of Duty, BBC2

Jed Mercurio’s new five-part drama for BBC2 tackles the thorny issue of police corruption. Ben Dowell pulls back the blue-and-white tape to meet the producers on set in Birmingham.


World’s Toughest Drive, Discovery

Sophie Todd takes Broadcast behind the scenes of World’s Toughest Drive, a Raw TV-produced documentary for Discovery.

America Revealed

America Revealed, PBS UK

America’s sheer size made adapting our BBC1 series a logistical nightmare, says Nick Catliff – but the breathtaking locations made up for it.

Kashmir’s Torture Trail

Dispatches: Kashmir’s Torture Trail, C4

Filming in Kashmir meant keeping rushes safe, dodging stones – and persuading the locals that daily life was worth showing, says Catie White.

All The Queen's Horses: The Diamond Jubilee Pageant

All The Queen’s Horses: The Diamond Jubilee Pageant, ITV1

Spun Gold’s Nick Bullen takes Broadcast behind the scenes of ITV1’s entertainment special celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

The Secret History of our Streets

The Secret History Of Our Streets, BBC2

Our look at local history uncovered a shocking tale of communities forced out and beautiful houses replaced with tower blocks, says Joseph Bullman.


56 Up, ITV

Broadcast talks to Michael Apted and his team as they complete 56 Up.


The Fall of Singapore: The Great Betrayal

Drama sequences were the only way to bring our documentary’s story to life. But limited time and budget called for some creative thinking, writes Paul Elston


Ladyboys, Sky Living

With a bit of flirting, Thailand’s ladyboys let us into their world, says Jamie Crawford. But nothing could prepare me for seeing the surgery

Million Dollar Moon Rock Heist

Million Dollar Moon Rock Heist, Nat Geo

Hi-tech espionage and claims of sex on the moon: this heist story had it all. But we needed both Nasa and the FBI to separate fact from fiction, says Cris Warren.

Planet Earth Live

Planet Earth Live, BBC1

It’s been a huge task getting this global wildlife event off the ground – but as TX day looms, the real work is just starting, says Colin Jackson.


Homeland: a whole different story

The budget for Israeli drama Hatufim wouldn’t even stretch to the pilot of the US remake. But both were important series and risky investments, the creator tells Ben Dowell

Foxes Live: Wild in the City

Foxes Live: Wild in the City, C4

When our tame fox’s tail fell off in front of a group of drunken clubbers, we knew nothing about this would be straightforward, says Jamie Lochhead.

At Home with the Noonans

At Home with the Noonans, C&I

We built a lot of trust with Domenyk Noonan and his family – but we were careful not to get drawn too far into their world, says Donal MacIntyre.

Bloody Tales of the Tower

Bloody Tales of the Tower, Nat Geo Channel

Comparisons with terrorists, chavs and tabloid culture gave our history series the contemporary, sexy edge we were after, says Glyn Middleton.

David Suchet: People I Have Shot

David Suchet: People I Have Shot, ITV1

David Suchet’s personal journey took us up the Eye and into Number 10, but a mining disaster put everything into perspective, says Harry Hook.


Titanic, ITV1

Recreating the Titanic’s fateful voyage for TV had its challenges. Jake Kanter went on set to find out how the project was steered.

White Heat

White Heat, BBC2

In bringing to life Paula Milne’s vision of a female-centred trawl through half a century of social change, the crew had to juggle six timeframes at once. Paul Whitelaw reports.

Andy’s Wild Adventures

Andy’s Wild Adventures, CBeebies

Combining natural history archives with the latest technology to immerse children in wildlife was challenging yet rewarding, says John Miller.

Swimming With Crocodiles

Swimming With Crocodiles, BBC2

We had no prior experience in wildlife filmmaking, just a cracking idea. And it soon became a very human story, says Gillian Wilson.

Death Unexplained

Death Unexplained, BBC1

The second episode of our series showed why treating the dead as people, not just coroner’s cases, was so important, says Alice Perman.

Submarine Patrol

Submarine Patrol, Nat Geo/C5

Spending 50 days filming with the crew of HMS Turbulent was cramped and difficult – but we had the adventure of a lifetime, says Geoff Small.

10 O'Clock Live

10 O'Clock Live, Channel 4

C4 and Zeppotron faced a steep learning curve last year with their risky live topical comedy. Execs open up to Paul Whitelaw about its flaws - and their hopes for a more ‘fluid’ series two.

Protecting Our Children

Protecting Our Children, BBC2

Being in the right place at the right time was key to getting what we needed, says Sacha Mirzoeff, but it took six frustrating months to get there.

Gypsy Blood

Gypsy Blood, Channel 4

Photographer Leo Maguire discovered that film was the only way to unlock the emotional truth of male gypsies’ life - and in their own words.

Crime Scene Forensics

Crime Scene Forensics, BBC1

Raw Cut’s Steve Warr takes Broadcast behind the police tape of BBC1’s Crime Scene Forensics and reveals that this was not a production for the faint-hearted.

Fort Boyard Ultimate Challenge

Fort Boyard Ultimate Challenge, CiTV

CITV and Disney’s new take on the Fort Boyard format lets kids join in the fun for the first time. Alex Farber visits the 150-year-old fort to see how the first young contestants get on.

The Exit List

The Exit List, ITV1

Endless testing of our ambitious new format ensured everything would run smoothly when the cameras finally came in, says Tamara Gilder.

Bear’s Wild Weekend...

Bear’s Wild Weekend..., C4

Dale Templar, series producer of the new Bear Grylls series, talks about life on location with Miranda Hart and Jonathan Ross who embarked on ‘Bear’s Wild Weekend…’ for Channel 4 this festive season.

The Long Road to Tripoli

The Long Road to Tripoli, Al Jazeera English

Having secured a commission from Al Jazeera to film rebel fighters in war-torn Libya, Anne Reevell did what any mother would do: took her son along.

After Life

After Life, BBC4

We were prepared for the overpowering stench of rotting meat and fish, but not for the amount of fly ‘speck’ we’d have to deal with, says Fred Hepburn.

Black Mirror

Black Mirror, Channel 4

Producing three Twilight Zone-esque dramas in Charlie Brooker’s mini-series at the same time was daunting but exhilarating, writes Barney Reisz.

Shaun Ryder

Shaun Ryder on UFOs, History

Having won a legion of new fans on I’m A Celebrity, the Happy Mondays frontman is off to explore his passion for all things UFO. Is he twisting our melons? Paul Whitelaw finds out.


PhoneShop, E4

While BBC1’s Danny Cohen calls for more ‘blue-collar’ sitcoms, E4’s PhoneShop is an authentic look at high-street life, says Phil Bowker.


Postcode, CBBC

Our drama about South London teens took on a new significance when the riots kicked off a week after we’d finished filming, says Elaine Sperber.

The Food Hospital

The Food Hospital, C4

Treating our contributors’ illnesses through their diet rather than drugs will break new ground in medical research - and TV, writes Neil Smith.

Frozen Planet

Frozen Planet, BBC1

We wanted to create the ultimate portrait of the polar regions before the warming global climate changes them forever, says Vanessa Berlowitz.

Death in Paradise

Death in Paradise, BBC1

Seeing my first TV script come to life sent shivers down my spine after four years of knock-backs and chasing money, says Robert Thorogood.

The British Woman on Death Row

The British Woman on Death Row, Channel 4

The X Factor proved an unlikely catalyst in unlocking the emotional core of the plight of a woman on Death Row, writes Steve Humphries.


Spooks, BBC1

Spooks writer and producer Chris Fry borrowed techniques from feature films to stage a thrilling action sequence for the final series of the BBC spy show. His secret? The ‘Russian Arm’.

World War II: The Last War Heroes

World War II: The Last War Heroes

For this follow-up to Blitz Street, we added to the high-explosives with live bullets, mortars, mines and flamethrowers, says Paul Wooding.

Driving Wars

Driving Wars, Dave

Alex Farber takes on the ‘Bear Pit’ challenge from Dave’s new driving gameshow and finds that navigating an obstacle course in a full-size remote-controlled car is tougher than it sounds.

Alone in the Wild

Alone in the Wild, Discovery

Parachuting celebrities into the wild to survive on their own for a week was considered by many to be too great a risk, says Dick Colthurst.

Holy Flying Circus

Holy Flying Circus, BBC4

A drama exploring the furore surrounding Monty Python’s Life of Brian seemed apt in the current comedy climate, say Kate Norrish and Polly Leys.

World Sheep Dog Trials

World Sheep Dog Trials, More4

What do Formula 1 and the World Sheep Dog Trials have in common? Much more than you might think, says Neil Duncanson.

This is Jinsy

This is Jinsy, Sky Atlantic

We had 192 characters and a whole world to create on a sitcom budget, but with Sky’s backing and a dream cast, we made it, says Matt Lipsey.


Educating Essex, Channel 4

For C4’s latest fixed-rig series, indie Twofour follows the pupils at a Harlow comprehensive school through the triumphs and traumas of their final year. Ben Dowell meets the crew.

Ground Zero Mosque

Ground Zero Mosque, C4

CTVC tracks the battle to build the controversial mosque

Holby City

John Yorke: my big break as a director

Some 15 years after training as a director, BBC drama production controller John Yorke finally got his first on-screen credit, on Holby City. Going back to the floor, he was in for a shock

Appropriate Adult

Appropriate Adult, ITV1

Making drama based on real-life events takes sensitivity and painstaking research, especially when murder is involved, says Lisa Gilchrist.

Harry's Arctic Heroes

Harry's Arctic Heroes, BBC1

A 160-mile trek, -36°C and just dried rations to survive on? What these four amputee ex-soldiers achieved was inspirational, says Alexis Girardet.

Seven Dwarves

Seven Dwarves, Channel 4

We set out to challenge preconceptions, but we weren’t prepared for how much our cast liked to burn the candle at both ends, says Nick Curwin.

TA and the Taliban

The TA And The Taliban, Watch

Following the TA in Helmand was always a risk, but the realities of war really hit home when one of our team got shot, says Charlotte Man.

Fish Town

Fish Town, Sky Atlantic

We had stunning locations and a great cast of characters, but our docusoap needed something else to work on Sky Atlantic, says Neil Grant.

Abi Morgan

The Hour, BBC2

Writer Abi Morgan talks to Lisa Campbell about The Hour, a newsroom drama and political thriller that charts the demise of the British Empire and the evolution of television news


Single-Handed, ITV1

Despite a great response to Single-Handed, plans for a second series were going nowhere until ITV came on board, says Rob Pursey and Clare Alan.

The Night Watch

The Night Watch, BBC2

Our budget didn’t reflect the demands of the script, but we hit on a brilliant idea: we could recycle the Candleford sets, says Richard Laxton.

Restoration Home

Restoration Home, BBC2

The Restoration strand has itself been renovated, says Annette Clarke, with no public money or viewer vote, and more focus on the human stories.

Magician Impossible

Magician Impossible, Watch

When filming a TV magic show, prepare for the unexpected - and shoot again and again until you get the right reaction, says Debbie Young.


Sirens, Channel 4

This comedy drama for Channel 4 took its inspiration from real-life tales from the frontline of the NHS, says director Victor Buhler.

Terry Pratchett: Choosing to Die

Terry Pratchett: Choosing to Die, BBC2

If you want to end your life, should you be allowed to? It was a difficult subject, but a very personal one for Sir Terry Pratchett, says Charlie Russell.

Poor Kids

Poor Kids, BBC1

Returning to the subject of child poverty 12 years on, film-maker Brian Woods witnesses how risk-averse society - and TV - have become.

Our War

Our War, BBC3

The soldiers who had fought in Afghanistan gave us thousands of hours of footage. Watching it all left everyone involved shaken, says Colin Barr.


Fixers, ITV

Helping our Fixers tackle the issues that matter to them meant giving them the microphone, but not editorial control, writes Nigel Swettenham.

BBC Radio 1: Our Big Weekend with Lady Gaga

We wanted more live coverage than ever before, says Neil Wyatt. But what do you do when your headline act won’t stop playing?

Four Rooms

Four Rooms, Channel 4

No old brown furniture and teapots for this C4 antiques series, says Claudia Lewis. We wanted mummified mermaids and stuffed polar bears.

The Street That Cut Everything

The Street That Cut Everything, BBC1

With 20 households and 52 residents taking part, our most crucial task on this series was making sure we didn’t miss anything, says Ricky Kelehar.


Atlantis: End Of The World, Birth Of A Legend, BBC1

Shot entirely against green screen, our story of the ‘real’ Atlantis looked doomed when the VFX supplier went into liquidation, says Detlef Siebert


Exile, BBC1

Part psychological drama, part crime thriller and part family character piece, Paul Abbot’s Exile is a difficult one to pigeon-hole. Will Strauss goes on set to meet the cast and crew

Born To Be Different A Decade On

Born To Be Different A Decade On, C4

Our series following the lives of disabled children has had a huge impact on everyone involved, and hopefully the viewers too, says Anna Strickland

Doctor Who

Doctor Who: Utah diary

Producer Marcus Wilson had to contend with cultural differences, jet lag and a language barrier on Doctor Who’s first Stateside shoot.