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Seen on screen: LGBTQ+ stories come out of the closet

Three figures involved in shows with LGBTQ+ themes discuss the significance and creativity of the likes of I Kissed A Boy and Heartstopper

73753_S1_Rosie Jones Ableism Documentary

What’s in a name? Provocative titles in the spotlight

Broadcasters are attempting to balance the need to stand out with the possibility of upsetting contributors or the public, says Chris Curtis


Studios set to navigate slowdown

Leading figures from the studios sector discuss the effect of stagnant economic conditions and the US writers’ strike

HK Fight For Freedom

Analysis: How the sector is making use of AI

From automating time-consuming tasks to aiding creativity, use of the technology is spreading rapidly

ChristopherReeve press1

Why range is key for Passion Pictures

The documentary maker on choosing to pursue an eclectic mix of films rather than specialise

WG Strike

The Writers Strike: Broadcast on the picket line

From Paramount to Netflix, Sony to CBS, an on-the-ground account from writers and WGA members about the cause for which they are fighting

I Am Ruth

Kate Bulkley: Broadcasters need to be smart to hook Gen Z viewers

The challenge is not only to come up with relevant content, but to find new ways to ensure it reaches the target audience

Roy Ackerman

Roy Ackerman: My top 10 tips for navigating an industry reset

Turmoil in the streaming business is striking fear into factual producers, but we will come out the other side


Andy Waters: Pushing boundaries is vital – especially in tough times

Embracing tech such as virtual production can help navigate challenging periods in a sustainable way, says the Dock 10 head of studios


Creative Review: Stormy seas and old masters

UK post houses’ best recent work, from creating CG oceans for No Escape to drawing inspiration from great artists for The Gallows Pole

Caroline Roseman Photo

End Credits: Caroline Roseman

Initial’s creative director, development, on meeting Dynasty stars and her ‘drive-by-Minnelli’ moment

H Accountancy

Get ahead in business with the right accountant

‘Harrisons remains key to our success so far. I’m sure that will remain true for years to come’