Cocktail of the week: Hicce’s hicce – recipe

This house cocktail, which is part of our new DIY-at-home range, epitomises what the restaurant is all about. It’s clean and fresh, with some sweet notes, and balances Asian flavours with fresh citrus and British elderflower.

Hicce’s hicce
Serves 1

20ml lemon and lime/citrus vodka – we use Ketel One Citroen
20ml sake – we use Akashi-tai
5ml fresh lemon juice
20ml yuzu syrup made with 30g yuzu puree (Monin, for example) and 30g sugar, or make a sherbet with 30ml lemon or yuzu juice and 30g sugar, for a similarly citrussy flavour profile
25ml elderflower syrup – at the restaurant, we use Jack Rudy elderflower tonic, but you’re less likely to find that at the supermarket
Ginger ale, to top
A slice of lemon to decorate

Fill a tumbler with ice, to chill it down. Pour the vodka, sake, lemon juice, and both syrups into a shaker, add ice and shake hard. Pour into the tumbler, top with ginger ale and decorate with a slice of lemon (we use a deyhdrated one, should you happen to have one of those knocking about).