Mickey Loomis: I don’t see a lot of holes on Saints roster

The Saints parted ways with a number of players this offseason as they worked to get under the salary cap in time for the start of the league year, which might lead some to believe that the team might be looking to maximize the number of draft picks they use in the next few days.

Eight picks are currently in General Manager Mickey Loomis’ pocket, but he said Wednesday that he doesn’t necessarily think there are that many spots available on the roster. He said he prefers quality over quantity when it comes to the draft and took issue with the idea that there are a lot of needs to address this week.

“I don’t see a lot of holes in our roster. . . . I think we have a lot of talent at a lot of positions, and when you look at these position groups, a lot of times it’s hard to envision a rookie coming in and displacing [the players on hand],” Loomis said, via Jeff Nowak of NOLA.com.

There have been reports about the Saints having interest in moving up from the No. 28 pick and Loomis’ comments suggest there may be some fire behind that smoke.