Soldier who tried to kill wife in skydive ‘accident’ in sick hunt for new lover

An Army sergeant who tried to kill his wife in a skydive “accident” boasts he could be free in five years – and is seeking love.

Emile Cilliers got life for attempted murder in 2018 after sabotaging her parachute.

But the shameless sex addict claims he is looking for a woman who can TRUST him.

In a letter from HMP Full Sutton, East Yorks, he wrote: “I am appealing both my sentence and conviction.

“If we get what we hope for I will be in open prison in 2026 and out in 2028. We are very confident.”

Cilliers, 40, added: “I want to build a life with someone I can trust, someone who trusts in me, someone who I can love, someone who loves me, and I mean in all respects, truly love and trust, unconditionally.”

Cilliers, who has shown no remorse for his crimes, planned to kill wife Victoria, pocket her £120,000 life insurance policy and run off with his new lover.

First he tried to kill her in a gas blast by sabotaging a valve at their home in Amesbury, Wilts – while Victoria, their young daughter and baby son slept.

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When that failed the PT instructor tampered with her parachute and the reserve chute when they went skydiving.

Amazingly Victoria survived a 4,000ft fall thanks to her slight build and the softness of the newly-ploughed field that broke the impact.

She fractured almost all her ribs, broke her pelvis and her right lung collapsed.

In May 2018, a jury convicted Cilliers of two counts of attempted murder and one of endangering his kids’ lives following a retrial at Winchester crown court.

Jailing him for a minimum 18 years, Mr Justice Sweeney said he was a “danger to the public”, adding: “This was wicked offending of extreme gravity.

“You have shown yourself to be a person of quite exceptional callousness who will stop at nothing to satisfy his own desires, material or otherwise.”

Last year ex-Army captain and physio Victoria, 44, told how Cilliers had denied her a divorce and had even tried to weasel his way back into her affections.

Victoria, who had found a new partner, said of Cilliers: “I am still married to him. I still have his name. I feel shackled to him.”