Woman divides opinions with budget meal prep as she eats five-day-old egg

Prepping your meals – or even just a part of your meal – is a great way to save you both time and money.

But one woman’s meal prep routine has divided opinions as some viewers were grossed out that she ate five-day-old scrambled eggs.

TikTok user @bariatricqueen regularly shares healthy recipes, but it’s how she prepares her meals for the week that’s got people talking.

In a video that has racked up more than 5.9 million views, the woman explained how she manages to get her food shop down to just $40, approximately £29, a week.

As she prepares a selection of meals like scrambled egg, broccoli and sausage, chicken, peppers and spinach and mince and veggies, she says: “Each week I start with a plan and pick healthy foods I love to eat.

“For a person of one, my grocery bill typically comes to $40.

“When I’m done grocery shopping, I come home and set aside a few hours to meal prep. Not only am I eating for $8 a day, but each meal only costs $1.50.

“When’s the last time your lunch was $1.60?”

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Since being posted, the video has racked up more than 660,000 likes and 2,990 comments.

Whilst some people were stunned by how dedicated she was to prepping the food, others were grossed out by how long she keeps the food in the fridge.

One person said: “Agree with the budget but cooking for 5 days at once – I don’t want anything in a container after 3 days.”

Another added: “Imagine eating 1-day old scrambled eggs….. and then 5 days old.”

“How do you eat eggs that have been there 8 days? I can’t even eat leftover eggs from the same day,” put a third, to which one person revealed: “As a culinary specialist in the army, I can state that the cooked food is edible up to 1wk from when it’s made as long as it’s stored in the fridge.”

Someone else said: “HOW?!!! This is awesome! Wait what recipes are you using in this vid?! I’m genuinely interested in learning.”