American woman is being brutally mocked for her pronunciation of Caffe Nero

Now, us Brits aren’t known for being the most cultured bunch, but there are certain things about being British which we can take full pride in.

You know, like our breakfast tea, our ability to out-drink the rest of the world and the fact we can laugh at pretty much anything or anyone.

This leads us on nicely to a poor American woman, who is being ripped to bits by Brits on TikTok for her pronunciation of coffee shop chain Caffe Nero.

Reagan Yorke recently moved to London from Los Angeles and has been documenting her new life on TikTok, by reviewing all the UK’s favourite coffee shops, which is a pretty good place to start.

She had already visited Costa and Starbucks, sharing her thoughts with her 2.9 million followers, before she decided to move onto British-owned, Italian-style Caffe Nero.

“Today I went with Caffe Nero, everyone keeps telling me that this is basically the UK’s version of Dunkin’,” she told her followers.

But, while British natives would pronounce the name like ‘Nee-row,’ Teagan sent her UK followers into a fit of rage when she accidentally pronounced it like ‘Nay-roo.’

“Noooo, the way you pronounced Nero actually made me sick,” one user commented, while another added: “Why are Americans so bad at pronouncing names except for Kentucky Fried Chicken?!”

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A third wrote: “I’m sorry. CAFFEE NAROO?! Nah only are you filming strangers in the UK but you’re also slandering our cafes!”

“Naroo?! It’s Nero. Also the UK’s version of Dunkin is Dunkin,” another added.

You’ve got to love the irony of us Brits who will walk into a café in a foreign country and speak nothing but English, but will hurl abuse at a person who comes to the UK and pronounces one word slightly off.

Others were quick to point out that Caffe Nero is not actually the UK’s version of Dunkin, as we do in fact have Dunkin in Britain.